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mgnt232's Feedback

  1. HoMeRj613 left Positive feedback   

    Even though the trade went a little sideways because i gave the mats to the wrong guy who didn't want to give them back, the seller got them back an hour or so later so he messaged me to complete the trade, pretty stand up guy, could have just walked away with the gate and kept the BP's. highly recommend seller.

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  2. johnm left Positive feedback   

    Reliable trader

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  3. PolKr left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Trust and perfect trade

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  4. Xanisselis left Positive feedback   

    Great trader

    mgnt232 was Trading

  5. ShadowMasterShu left Positive feedback   

    Great Seller quick helpful and polite highly reccomend

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  6. kriszup left Positive feedback   

    good guy to deal with

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  7. mgwalk left Positive feedback   

    They are awesome and go beyond to help you get your trade back uploaded. I traded several water tames and they even helped me level so I could use a drop.

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  8. NunHugger left Positive feedback   

    Great seller.Easy transaction. Highly recommend.

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  9. Rgage left Positive feedback   

    Clean trade

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  10. Fullfusionzero left Positive feedback   

    Awesome trade and will do business with again

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  11. Devdevlin left Positive feedback   

    Again brilliant trader has dealt with me and my partner and both times he is an absolute gent gave us jm scuba tanks just so we can get the dinos out goes above and beyond great trader

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  12. Joe10x left Positive feedback   

    Nice easy trade

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  13. Devdevlin left Positive feedback   

    Brilliant seller perfect to deal with, helped us to the drops and gave us free scuba gear to get out, he gave us more then we agreed upon absolutely great seller

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  14. RetiredFatJesus left Positive feedback   

    Great Trader went very smooth

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  15. Xanisselis left Positive feedback   


    mgnt232 was The Seller

  16. StoneyDiagram2008 left Positive feedback   

    Fast and friendly! Highly recommended. Thank you!

    mgnt232 was Trading

  17. Tweakybox39706 left Positive feedback   

    Trade was quick & easy. Very pleased with how it went

    mgnt232 was The Seller

  18. MalevolentGame left Positive feedback   

    Great trader, smooth trade and saved me from an alpha upon transfer lol. Will do business again.

    mgnt232 was Trading

  19. SlipperyPurple left Positive feedback   

    Nice and easy to trade with. Definitely recommend!!

    mgnt232 was Trading

  20. dirtydancer316 left Positive feedback   

    Trade successfull. Went smooth. No bs.

    mgnt232 was Trading

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