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    1 hour ago, VendettaX7 said:

    So for now it's not possible to unlock the all notes +10 since you can't unlock the dossier notes in any way.

    Unless someone knows how to unlock them on official? We've tried hatching, taming, killing, neither of those unlocks, but some do bring up the note voice over.

    They do unlock with taming on single player. (I assume hatching to but didn't test that.)

    Yeah I hope they come up with a fix soon. Trying to do a giga killing event to reach those higher levels. I also sent a message to support for complaint purposes 

    ninjakiller from YouTube says he has a fix and will be coming out with a video. 

  2. 22 hours ago, Illeyejah said:

    I play on a PS4 beginner server, the thrill of the fresh wipe and the rush to establish yourself keep me playing the game. 

    Server chat keeps pointing to the rumor of the Wipe being Friday, but no official source.
    Alpha Tribe even keeps bragging about how they "won" lol, (GG guys :p) lots of people think it's tomorrow but I'm not certain.

    Ps4/5 here

    I’m on 898 I’m the alpha tribe on mine. Finally got argy and mosa saddles 

    I’d like to know so I can transfer all my event gigas out 

  3. Hi 

    I’ve been experiencing some strange things on my server. I’m not sure if It’s bugs or something  more strange. 

    about me, I’m a beginner hence why I play on beginner server on PlayStation pve898. 
    However, despite being a beginner I’ve been thriving;

    I have multiple ‘big’ Dinos 

    I don’t use traps to tame gigas and taught my six year old daughter to tame them with out dying. I found the coveted argy saddle on beginner and shared with friends. I kill alphas with relative ease or alpha rexes with pikes, alpha mosas and tusos with one imprinted mosa. Yet, despite all of this I’m only level 46 with chibi help. 

    I’ve been trying to fish for giga saddles and that is my end goal on this server before I move on

    But that’s when the weirdness started to happen, actually it started happening when I put a ticket in when I was in the ocean swimming with my shiny blue fishing rod nowhere close to the border and I died from the world border  

    but here’s my weirdness

    to include but not limited to

    all salmon 2.0x + I try to catch before I even sit in a chair kills itself by beaching itself  currently I’m at six in a row

    Every time I am about to reach level 47 I lose all my stuff  to include when I was sleeping in my bed offline  

    I fought an alpha mosa and before I fight water Dino’s I clear the entire area  I hit a lag spike and I was surrounded by jellyfish to which my mosa died  they literally came out of nowhere like a magic show  

    my rescue party to get my stuff back which consisted of 4 mosas two died randomly to mantas or jellyfish a level 50 mosa with ramshackle saddle died to one level 4 manta after a lag spike  

    four times my game blue screens while I’m flying and I wake up being surrounded by alphas 

    my newly tamed Dino’s stop following me and they get killed by you guessed it jellyfish

    my Dino’s randomly run away and get killed  

    passive neutral whatever  once I was in deep water away from the swamp 55,90 and a lag spike occurred my bary on my covered raft was swapped with a wild moschops and my bary was underwater being shocked by jellyfish 

    I was raising a giga baby and kept it fully fed (my wife and I took turns feeding the baby) she logged off the baby was gone when I woke up in a spawn of an hr like missing  despite being in a closed off area of my base  and it ‘starved to death ‘ baby was at 60+% 

    When lagspikes happen something bad happens  

    someone please help is this just bugs or am I being hacked?





  4. Crazy as everyone says it can’t be done but the admin said he saw people riding on gigas 5 years ago. I’ve gone though a few rods and haven’t found it yet. I’ll keep trying until wipe. 

  5. I started playing ark 4 months ago. I play on a beginner server 898 pve  

    currently I’m level 46 in pretty much a solo tribe.

    i have a stone home but I can build metal. 
    I have 30 rexes 

    60 gigas 

    1 quetzel

    20+ mosas to include a breeded mosa

    and 20+ tusos

    ive beat broodmother twice 


    I think three months isn’t enough I’m still trying to fish for giga saddles



  6. I haven’t found a bp for rod. 

    My navy consist of mosas and squids I have one bred mosa at 88% imprinting. But on my server I can whack a lvl 30 alpha Tuso with 2 mosas and 2 squids while I can solo an alpha Tuso with my mosa. 
    this weekend I killed 5 alpha tusos and 7 alpha mosas. 


    I’ve been fishing as well. Got ramshackle mosa saddle, prim mosa saddle, scuba set, gas mask, compound bow. I’m still chasing the 3% drop rate according to the wiki

  7. On 8/17/2022 at 1:37 AM, wizard03 said:

    Its "VERY" rare to get anything of high value. And typically when you do, its something you don't really want. Like a pachy saddle or a kapro. 
    About the best way you could do it is to use bee honey. According to the wiki, this will allow you to catch the larger fishies that other baits will not let you catch.
    Also, I will suggest fishing at the river to swamp inlet by the redwoods located about 67, 33 on your map. Iv noticed this little channel on SP mode typically has a dozen or so fish and if any of them are big fish, they can't swim away.

    thank you! That spot does look bad ass. I’ll let you know what I get from there 

  8. 31 minutes ago, GrumpyBear said:

    I think someone did a test w/ different quality fishing rods

    You could always try building a trap in deep water. Lure a level 5 or lower alpha tuso into a trap, and then get a few people to work on killing it w/ crossbows together.  

    Awesome! I’ll have to YouTube then


     Yeah I’ve killed four in the last two days and I lost a bunch of tusos and mosas in the process. I killed a level 30 alpha Tuso with two tusos and a mosa while a level 2 killed 8  of my tusos and a mosa. It’s so weird. 

  9. 2 hours ago, GrumpyBear said:

    FYI - don't think that a beginner server is actually easier.  Its actually - way way more difficult than a regular server.   The only thing that is easy on a beginner server is finding land to claim.  Even then , there are people now actively living on them instead of regular servers for the challenge of existing there.


    Saddles for rexes and other high level tames will be next to impossible for normal people to get on beginner servers..  You can't level up high enough on a beginner server to make anything like carno, argent, rex.  They would all require blueprints which is hobbled by the chance of getting them.   They aren't on many loot tables that you can access on a beginner server because of the level cap.   Fishing is probably the only way to for sure get something, and an alpha tuso or mosa is hard enough to deal with on a regular server so the fishing rod to achieve this is next to impossible to get.  Anyone who can do that is a pro or just has too much time on their hands.


    Mind you , this is a lot of work for a rex saddle.  To give you an idea how hard it is to get outside of a beginner server... Last night, I did drop hunting on gentwo and picked up 2 124 rex saddles on the first drop of the night.   So..... If you are just starting out, move on to regular servers .  Go back to beginner ones when you can appreciate how difficult it really is there.


    FOr me personally, I like beginner servers because on events with colors - I can get level 1 tames with event colors on them. 

    Thanks for your input I think that’s what I like about beginner is the open land. 

    so can primitive fishing rods net me more primitive saddles? 

  10. 9 minutes ago, wizard03 said:

    Fishing is one method, and the odds of a primative pole giveing you perfect ascendent loot is unlikely. However there are others. You can go through the swamp cave and farm the loot drops there. Same with the hard snow cave and the hard ocean cave.
    If those don't work, the next idea is to try and farm the deep sea loot crates. Gotta be fast tho as only two spawn from time to time and once looted, they will disappear for an hour ish I think?

    The last method is to try a different server. Yeah, thats an ugly method compared to sticking it out, but it is a legit thing.


    I just noticed you said you was on a beginning server. I got some bad news, due to the level cap of the beginning servers. I would truly advise you to try a different server or maybe single player. If your in it for the PvP, you may need a mental health check up XD But hey, you do you. :) As for PvE, Id suggest a legacy server, and don't fret about joining the most popular one. Just fine one that works well with your internet, feels friendly, and try to do whatever you can.
    I personally was on a legacy PvE server for awhile and it defiantly was a wonderful experience. Can't say nothing wrong about it.
    But if Im gonna be honest, the solo play through was the best in my opinion. The whole world was mine, it was make it or break it vs make it or borrow someone else's hard work and time, and while SP has its bugs, the game just felt more real to me than my time spent online.

    Thanks for the info I’m actually a noob only been in since the game was free on ps plus. 
    I’m definitely on a pve server I play with my wife but became friends with some of the people on my server now I just hook people up with saddles. Don’t need ascendant gear/saddles just primitive. Yeah that level 44 is terrible I’m at 46 with some alpha killing. I lucked out and made off with an argy and mosa saddle primitive of course with an apprentice rod. Just wondering if I could get ‘better’ results with a prim rod. 

  11. Hi I’m on an a beginner server on PS. The only way to get good saddles, ie Rex quetz giga mosa etc, is to fish for it. However because I’m on this server undersea battles for app or ram rods consist of taking my squids and mosas to battle to the death with alphas while I sit on the sidelines watching. 

    is there anyway to grab primitive bp’s with a primitive rod? Building a navy takes a lot of resources just for a chance to go fishing. 
    or is there a better way to farm rods without leaving the server 

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