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  1. I just dont see many posts here when it comes to recently-
  2. Please, make them like pushable and aimable like they did in fortnite with their canons (dont judge, they just got canon movements right), it would it greatly benefit the game- like so much- plus itll help with taming karkinos and the golems too!
  3. Hey- uh- names gwen (or gavina idfc)! Im a 16 year old trans girl and i collect dinos and stuff for fun! Ive played the game ever since it got on game pass, and ive just have had fun, theres this one hot pink trike i got who was origally supposed to be thorny devil and it got "corrected" to thorny dentist and it sorta stuck, hes(shes?) the only reason i truly still enjoy the game so much- anyways, i like making friends so if any of u guys want to be friends id be happy to talk with you and poop- AS YOU CAN TELL I SUCK AT INTRODUCTIONS! SO AMA! IM BETTER AT THOSE!
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