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  1. Will this come out for PC and/or Xbox?
  2. Because they could be trying to get the patch out in that week instead of giving up and saying you don't get it. At least they tried.
  3. I feel there isn't a digest because they are working on something big and don't have time for questions
  4. Did you read it? "We have chosen to be aggressive in the management and removal of pillars in hopes to limit the amount of griefing in a way that we feel will be best for the overall community and management of our official servers." This is exactly what Jat said, so next time don't be a jerk and say "Did you really take the time to type all of this out without actually reading the article... or just have never played on an official server?" So check yourself before you go off about others. Sry if I was rude in any way.
  5. From what I heard I have a great use for gravestones now. I must create a memorial for pillars, "R.I.P. PILLARS!!" Please tell me I miss understood and pillars our NOT being removed. Without pillars what am I going to use for bridges . PLEASE ARK I HATE USING WALLS FOR BRIDGES!! THEY MAKE ME MAD. hopefully pillars have a better life. I will be creating a server for people to donate offerings to the pillar's memorial. They will be missed and hopefully people learn their lesson and WC brings them back. But for now. R.I.P. PILLARS!!!!!!!!
  6. Same, I hate how some PC players tell console players to get PCs when They aren't cheap. I have ark on PC but don't play it much because of my PC. There are cheap ones but, they don't last long or they aren't very good. People who disagree, I respect you so please don't start an argument.
  7. It is probably a mosquito because IT LITERALLY SHOWS A PICTURE OF IT STABBING A GIANT NOSE-LIKE TUBE INTO A SURVIVERS NECK SUCKING HIS BLOOD. I don't know about any of you but I've never seen a moth do that before, and I've seen pretty big creepy looking moths before.
  8. Actualy oviraptors already do that. But they are tamed using eggs.
  9. Thats Good because i want ark to keep the dinos At Least based of of real dinos.
  10. Me Too. Cant Wait. But this Summer has been a long one so its going to feel A lot longer to wait.
  11. It would be awesome for you to be able to harvest bones from animals and use it in some sort of Bone Tier. We should have like different "Bone" weapons or armor and different animals gave different bone sizes (probably corresponding with feces size).:poop:

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