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  1. Which creature makes the most annoying noise?

    I love my Argent, Arthur, but his continuous screeching while flying is a little much after a while.
  2. No fear evolved in single player?

    Still, even a light event like this year would have be fun. Just ignoring the Single Players is not very nice, but refusing to make it clear is very hard to excuse. How did you guys find out about SP? Well, if you were like me, you played a bit looking for above ground spiders and Megalanias, and then search everywhere on this site and Steam and get to this really badly written "instructions" to use dedicated servers with beta commands, a command mode.. .ini modifications...Honestly, the staff on this website have been unhelpful at best and incompetent at least. I totally understand the pressure of (already missed) deadlines for the DLC, bur seriously, it would have been kind of nice to just say that, yay, there is no time... Just ignoring something does not make it better.
  3. Halloween Event?

    Thank you for that Zederia. Finally a clear, comprehensible answer. Happy Halloween to you!
  4. Dear ELI, aren't your instructions only for people using Ark Commander? What about if you do not? (pc SP Island)
  5. Halloween Event?

    Maybe I am not missing much with this event as a PC Single Player, but, nonetheless, I would have like Somebody from WC to officially says that the event is indeed not available for SP on PC. If it is, I have not been able to get it. (PC Island no mods)
  6. Halloween Event?

    Yep, They could not be bothered to even say something about it. I too was looking forward to the change.
  7. Halloween Event?

    What is your problem dear sir? You are forced to play an horrible game? Defending the devs? Why, they need to be defended? Again, play something else, stay civil and learn to spell fanboy. Thank you for you very useful posting.
  8. Halloween Event?

    Man, by all means, help me out with them because if you search the postings, it is confusing out there. Up to now, in SP, all the events were coming thru patches. This time, my SP server is still on 271.22 .
  9. Halloween Event?

    At least you get to try it. WC forgot about SP players on PC just like that! SP players are gamers and customers too. They could be bothered to announce anything about it. It kind of sucks IMHO
  10. Holloween Event for SP on PC?

    I guess there are no Halloween for single player on PC? (the Island), no mods, showing v271.22). No spawns, weather changes...I don't get it Seriously, is there any easy way to activate the event for SP? @Eli?
  11. I have not seen a single underground creature at the surface of the Island. Is the event on? my steam version says 271.22
  12. I am playing SP on PC and I am confused: Is the Halloween event on or do I need to use commands? or modify .ini files? I have not find any Halloween spawns anywhere out of caves. help appreciated.
  13. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Could we have a double tap lock/toggle on W?, that would rest the old finger during long flights.
  14. Fish tanks?

    Getting exited! Drake [ Lead Engineer ] tweeted Piranha or Leech Pool, anyone? 41 minutes agoDirect link Drake [ Lead Engineer ] tweeted Also, ARK HDR support looks incoming for PC, Xbox One S & X, and PS4 Pro. Lookin' pretty 41 minutes agoDirect link Drake [ Lead Engineer ] tweeted So... a way to tame and transport small fishies and other small creatures is coming
  15. new advances in farming technology

    A lot of great ideas in there. But, what about starting just by making the berry crop we have look better (and yes, different for each berry like it is for the veg.