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  1. I would like some new content added to the core game (The Island), like, some of the Structure+ content or non-tek. I hope that we will get more TLC (dinos, farming...).
  2. I love the new Argent. The beak grabbing is cool and what about the weight increase and saddle-smithy? I am just confused about the claws grabbing: it's cool to add the equus and other dinos but are you devs going to re-enable the old list (carrying hyenas, moschops....) I am just curious. One can always adapt to new realities.
  3. Sorry for asking, but I play Single player pc the Island on steam (same game for 2 years+). Could the legacy server shutdown affecting my game? Honestly, I don't know if single player is on an official server? or is different? I don't known how to find my server name... basically: help please.
  4. What does this mean for PC single players? Same 8hrs blackout?
  5. Hi Jen, since 264.33 (and still the same) my character instead of leveling up to 85 went back to 84 . Ok. The problem is that the XP progress bar and the up arrow in the HUD do not work , flash or show progress. This is annoying to say the least. Otherwise, the game is running better and better.
  6. I am very hype about the otter and taming the titanboa. Bur are we going to be able to RIDE and BREED this impressive creature?
  7. Basically, I have been enjoying this game in SP on PC for almost 2 years now, and I am not done with it and I would like to continue my game after the release. Will the PC version on Steam survive Aug 8? Will the PC version on Steam get the new contents, dinos DLC access than the PC win 10 released on Aug. 8?
  8. Good question. I would like to know that as well. And also, I hope to transfer my current steam game to win10-
  9. Just so I understand. I bought the game nearly 2 years ago through Steam and I am still playing the game on PC. Now with release on Aug. 8, what happens to that world? Do I have to buy the PC game Again? I want to keep on playing my actual game. Will that be possible?
  10. I play SP on PC and overall I like this update and the new balance. Means new thinking needed.And will be using my Mammoths for the first time in ages, and that is good! Just 3 observations: --to me the pop-up windows that appears on everything are way too blue and bright and distracting to me. -- option to remove the (blue) windows explaining what stone is used for when you hoover over the inventory? --I do not want to nerf the swimmers, but when my sarco/beaver (for example, all aquatics are zappy) hits the water, one touch on "W" send the guy forward like a torpedo. I love that in the open water and in fighting, but when I try to park these guys in a neat but small harbor, that beautiful speed makes parking a nightmare. Would it be possible to have a slow/cruising/harbor speed set or something?
  11. I cannot remember if the Dodorex can break through stone walls?
  12. I would like to get a few more slots in the preserving bin. There are 12 slots and 1 is for the fuel and there are a LOT of eggs and meats. What about 30? The fridge has 48 I believe.
  13. I would love to see a "ignore all whistles" being possible manually (E) for all creatures. It would prevent so many times where the wrong dinos follow you or get whistled to attack or to switch from passive.... We all, I think, experienced that. By default this function will of course be Off.
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