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  1. vapeur156

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    And the Onyc. If this guy could just land like a bat from ceilings or a special stand maybe. I would love a ceiling of bats in my fortress.
  2. vapeur156

    TLC Phase 3 Suggestions

    I would not mind an visual upgrade of the farmed berries. It is one template for all of them . What about at least making each plants the color of its species. The crops look good though. Dino: the kairuku look like painted plastic imo.
  3. vapeur156

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    I love the new Argent. The beak grabbing is cool and what about the weight increase and saddle-smithy? I am just confused about the claws grabbing: it's cool to add the equus and other dinos but are you devs going to re-enable the old list (carrying hyenas, moschops....) I am just curious. One can always adapt to new realities.
  4. This was mentioned eons ago in digest I think. But it would be nice for our shoulder companions to have a place to perch/hang(onyx)...
  5. vapeur156

    Fish basket & zip-line for the Island

    Same here, I don't have aberration either. And fish basket. That would be very cool.
  6. Like title says. Could fungal wood be replaced by normal wood? and the engrams available ? My new good looking big foot wants a zip ride! and I want a fish pond.
  7. Sorry for asking, but I play Single player pc the Island on steam (same game for 2 years+). Could the legacy server shutdown affecting my game? Honestly, I don't know if single player is on an official server? or is different? I don't known how to find my server name... basically: help please.
  8. vapeur156

    Fish Basket for the Island

    I think it would be great to have that in the main game. Not build out of Fungal Wood but maybe just out of normal wood. The trap/transport/tame fish is very fun and would be a natural fit in the main game. IMHO Seriously.
  9. vapeur156

    Ponds and moving fish

    Thanks for the replies. I do not play aberration. I was hoping to get that on the Island (Stream PC)
  10. vapeur156

    Ponds and moving fish

    I remember Jeremy saying something like we will be able to move/transport fish and also have a piranha pond. Will that happen? The upcoming dinos redoes are excellent in my opinion.
  11. vapeur156

    Christmas event?

    I play Single Player PC on steam. No event for me, I presume? I miss these!
  12. vapeur156

    PC Mind Wipe since 275

    Thanks for the heads up. It is not a big deal at all, just surprising.
  13. vapeur156

    PC Mind Wipe since 275

    I do not have Aberration but my SP character has been mind wiped. WHY???
  14. vapeur156

    Which creature makes the most annoying noise?

    I love my Argent, Arthur, but his continuous screeching while flying is a little much after a while.