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  1. for farming the dungeon crate extensively (elemental vault is the best BY FAR, and in all abb), the moment you enter the cave, they start despawning (im even suspecting even befor you reach the cave sometime), you need to know exactly where all the crate can spawn (take practice, but with time youll nail it im sure ) and at the moment you enter that cave, you RUSH towards the crate, ignore everythign else ! because yes if you stop to fight anything for more than 1~2 min you may loose the crate but in short yes dungeon crate despawn way faster than normal beacon, and no
  2. you can find them in yellow beacon arround the map, just they arent "charged" when you find them BUT, if you put the BP in a charged station, it will actually charge it, and from there make "charged battery", yellow beacon are most common arround the elemental vault, good luck !
  3. make mining drill useable with rock drake ! ok so here the thing when riding a rock drake you "cant" use the mining drill (for some reason) but if you dismount, use it, remount, you wont be able to "climb nor glide anymore" (because you have it equiped) so my suggestion would be to make that when on a drake we can use the drill, and still be able to move arround normally (climb/glide) find it sad that tame like gasbag can do that, but not a drake
  4. i ve never done it myself but im hearing everyone sayin that yes it is doable, and that they ve done it (i myself never did it, so assumed it is a fact) i may be wrong thing is i dont have engrams to have a skiff so i cant really test it out but from what everyone say in my discord, everyone "swear" that it is doable so ...
  5. well i ve seen ppl doing it so ...
  6. yup it can ... and its broken ... like you can go and grab reaper queen from deep within the red zone , its really broken ...
  7. true a tek skiff is awesome but for that you need to be 2 players, the gasbag is "nice" true but again you cant really count on it to defend you if you get attacked by anything while if Solo, having ravager is really the way to go for
  8. worth the try but i dotn think it would work also a good thing if you start in abb with a magma is a pack of ravager, they act as body guard, and can carry crazy amount of metal (they reduce metal weight and a good ravager can go up easily over 3K weight)
  9. anyone know how to block crate from spawning in red? (elemental vault related) ok so here is the thing, im farming the elmental vault heavily, but the crate in there are way too "random" (i had like less than 20 min between 2 crate, and other time up to 5hrs...) so i did some testing, and noticed that the elemental vault crate where linked with the "crate" OUTSIDE the vault ? (you know these garbage loot crate that give just fish basket and others trash ...) so i started "farming/despawning" these as soon as i could for a good 5 hrs, and i did got more elemental vault cr
  10. where are the tek dino ? im sure you know the answear to this question
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