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  1. wasnt drop but from mission
  2. ok i know for the last few years, it has been asked a lots of time, and a lots of time been denied for ... weird reasons ... yes drake breeding need to be a thing and here a the TOO many reason as to why (keep in mind while reading this that i AM a main abb player, on official PVP !) first, befor the arrival of gen2 drake was already loosing to its counter parts the managarmr (even if the later got nerfed badly many times it still lose to it !), now that gen2 is out with shadowmane AND voidwyrm it just got rendered obsolete "ooh but you can scout while being invisible !!" y
  3. gen2 broke the game in so many aspect ... like i got that just few hours ago like how is this not broken ? dont get me wrong i am delighted i found that, but at the same time, a bit sad i got that a bit too "easily" and we found tons of similar bp (mosa, astrocetus, rex, tapejara ...)
  4. as an abb main player, i can tell you the reason i love it is for the NON flyer thing, actually allow some exploration, and discover fully the map, while most main rag player, while knowing the "principal" location would have a hard time telling you in detail where is what, anyway i agree with the element thing, and new look must be taken for this map regarding this issue ! for the dino restriction i disagree, its a great thing ! in ark ppl swear now by 2 thing for pvp, managarmr, and giga !! (sadly managarmr can come in abb ...) and thankfully not giga ! with preventin
  5. this is due to the measure wildcard implemented to counter the meshers so many mesher use zipline to get into extremly tight rathole, that wildcard had to adjust some condition for a zipline to work and becaus eof that old zipline stopped working
  6. 10~15 element per charge node may be excesive, but instead of having that maybe add an option instead of crafting just 3, craft 30 directly (using the mats required for 30) for the stryder yes id love it, but im afraid that would be a bit too strong (but still i love the idea !) devs we seriously need a rework on how element is made in abb !!
  7. ok so now with the arrival of gen 2, it was in the past already kinda crazy to farm element (extinction and gen 1) but now with gen 2 its just plain ridiculous ... (12K worth of element farmed in 60 min in solo, on official ...) so here is my thing, when do we get a buff on abberation ? either by increasing charges nodes yield or an actual machine that use element water somehow ? when ? all abb main player going to agree with me, its a pain to farm element in abb !! im not saying "hey boost the thing so high it becomes OP !!" no what im saying is "please devs increase it en
  8. because most likely when a server restart, you just spam the "reconnect" button super hard so that a the very moment the server boot up, you connect keep in mind when a server "restart" the actual hitbox from the map (where you can stand) is not loaded yet (it has to load the actual process and sadly that means that you can see and connect to the server !) so when you spam like nuts the connect button at this time, well yoru character fell through the map jsut to die far out of reach quick tips for the futur 1 : give time to the server to actually boot up ! 2: discon
  9. for the alpha reaper i highly recommend the red surface (from radiation side) reason being, this surface get 3 drop (1 more than others surface) its fairly large, and down the way you can pack a lot of megalo, spino, and just lure the alpha when it do spawn, to find it easy, the best way is to just run arround with a fully imprinted drake, jsut run, and dodge a normal reaper wont catch up with you BUT an alpha will ! (so if something bite your butt you got a winner ^^) if you got some ressource to invest in it, you can set up a TP up there, with some velo, or a managarmr (for killi
  10. reaper can, it does take dmg but its minimal (like 10 HP hit) combine with fact that reaper are forced to stay above water, they can travel kidna safely, carefull your light pet on your shoulder WILL take dmg even if he doesnt touch the element water not a rumor, it does charge your tek suit, easier to test is with gen 2 exo suit because it has no durability, you can basicly swime i element water completly safe (wont take any dmg at all) at it will charge it, and yes befor you ask im on official i can provide you a video of the thing if needed
  11. i agree amber lee connors was better in my opinion, gave the little robot a kinda cute vibes to it, now it feels more like its just a robot, with no soul ... anyway to get the original voice back ? (like giving the players a choice between old to new voice ?)
  12. reaper period ignore all the above, bring as much set of rad suit as long you wanna stay down there, with 3/4 set you can stay up to 2 hrs farming eggs WITHOUT running away and just by murdering everything, turn on your light only when nameless are arround (and no drake arround) and when fighting the horde of drake turn it off, youll thank me when you done farming get a weight drake out of cryo, transfer all the egg (with a 2 hrs run if you keep everything for kibble or basilisk taming) you can get easy over 30 + eggs (weight drake for the win) carefull when you transfer drake egg from yo
  13. organic poly shouldnt kill you, because i know that some ppl, use them in the hotbar, just in case somethign goes wrong in red zone (you die without taking rad dmg even befor your armor break) in a way to save the baby, now there are some (rare) instance where you can loose your baby even though you are not in red exemple starving: if you die when starving (doesnt matter how, poly, wildlife, pvp) you can sometime loose your baby too happend quite a few time to some ppl i know mushroom spore : never happend to me personally, but i hear some ppl saying that mushroom spore can kill
  14. quick tips on basilisk, you have at all time at least 3 basilisk at portal (yes yes) kill em (or kill some wildlife to make em respawn) they can respawn pretty fast, search em kill, de render portal rince and repeat usually an alpha can spawn fairly fast its a grind but its the fastest way to force spawn a alpha
  15. abb is a awesome map ! (keep in mind it is my favorite by FAR, having played at least 6Khrs in official on it only !) reason i liek it so much is because ... no flyer (yeah seems strange right) because even if most map are interesting most ppl dont notice the small details of the map because well, they just fly above it ;( so that for me is a great bonus to the map, also the fact that it has many "level" ? make for a very interesting map to explore ! the beauty of it ofc ! pvp wise it is the map where i had the most fun ! using zip line on the ceiling cave, shooting ppl with a f
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