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  1. i dont think so as i left after, and tribe mate jsut kept doing it, with just mosa/megalodon
  2. and from then the fight has been bugged everyone of them we did gamma legit, did it easily and was like "hey lets try beta" and this happend ... huge let down ...
  3. come to our crossark youll see for yourself got few video of it doing it in gamma, beta, alpha,
  4. from what we saw its a "second" moeder spawn few second right after the first one, nearly killing first one (dont ask me why ...) but because hes immune to dmg he cant die ? then when all the eels are killed we can dmg it and thats where the auto regen kick in for moeder (thats why he got like 2~5K HP only) tbh thats the only reason we found, might be cpmpletly wrong but i dont know what it could be then
  5. completly broken alpha moeder fight (with video proof) yup all is in the title, went with tribe mate to do gamma moeder, then saw this bug, so we went and tried beta, then alpha ... just how can WC let this so broken ... here look oh and the trophy for how many time we didi it ... this is so .... broken ...
  6. for multiple reason (lets get thsi out rn idc about not having flyers, me loving abb should say enough), but for exemple mission ? what is that ? i can understand ppl enjoy em, but if you a solo player can you do all the gauntlet fight solo ? gamma yeah for sure ! beta ? hmm maybe alpha yeah not gonna happen so your out and wont be able to do alpha boss cool as a player who loved to do crate hunting on abb and extinction drops, i found the mission system just wrong, its a big no no to me ... and rest is pretty much just a reskin, why would i need tame who lot of new anky karki rex n stuff when on others map i just have THE EXACT SAME DINO but far better ? not talking about the "restricted area" thanks to mission ... idk this map just doesnt hit it for me hopefully next one will be better ... but for me its a negativ like righ tnow tamed our first astrocetus 140 exceptional kibble (light blue) another bug ? we tryed with mutton raw/cook (on different tame ofc) even tryed ambergris ... never know ... and that kind of things is what really turn me off this map, everything is bugged, unbalanced, the whole map feels rushed and definitly needed few month of polish
  7. lets be honest here, who is having fun with genesis ? i was super hyped for genesis ! really hyped, after hearign all the devs saying "yeah we did put more work in this than extinction/abberation" but even with my nearing 5K playtime, i find it hard to want to play genesis, i find it ... boring (all the bug/unbalance REALLY doesnt help !) and i end up going back to extinction or abberation (mostly abb) am i the only 1 that find genesis to be a big disapointement ?
  8. in my case i would rahter see a kind of "armor" added to the bloodstalker not quite a saddle, something small that add just a small amoutn of armor so its less squishy ... also make it that when something dmg it the thread doesnt instantly breaks ... veru annoying when you try to escape but thread wont just pull you out...
  9. brign trike, full flak set shield up befor tping get beer and go a good megachelon too can do the trick
  10. from what i understand devs rate biome difficulty by "weather", when it shouldnt
  11. because sometime your in situation wher eyou cant use the fireball exemple when fighting with your friend arround (yup friendly fire is devastatign there !) and thats the "only" strogn attack if you are in the lava biome, because if your in the ocean biome, bog or even ice biome, well good luck, as it is completly disabled during rain, or snowstorm, then how are you going to dispatch wilds ? with the ultra weak melee ? i agree for pvp atm the fireball is REALLY strong, but thats really the only thing that there is to it...
  12. agreed for magmasaur, they overspawn, in a way that even if you reduce theire number, they will always be new magmasaur spawning in front of you endlessly, like you cant "clear" clean the zone to collect eggs safely ...
  13. it has been proven for race timer on PC we got 1min30sec and ps4 got 2min30 (havent done it myself but others proved it in this forum so ...) and yeah if you guys have 150+ magma egg available and we on pc we dont, i call that bs somewhere in WC, why the difference in the first place ?
  14. thats so weird ! i mean since this morning we started this topic, i ve been with tribe mate on our crossark, and murder every magma over n over, collected all the eggs and got all, and we NEVER found a magma over lvl 150 os its definitly a ps4 feature its me or we PC player got screwed ?? like alpha race bugged timer ? magma ? whats going on here
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