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  1. any ideas when the update will be out cant wait for it
  2. go to sparcs website www.sparcmx.com and download it
  3. i have already made the files for those mods and sent them to sparc hopefully he can get them added in with his next update. i sent in files for the platform plus, triangles, and pillars plus
  4. cool sounds like a good idea any idea of when the next update for the mod list is gonna be
  5. is there any chance of adding an import feature to where we can add in mods to ark commander
  6. i have noticed for a while now the kangaroo saddle is spawning the bunny costume "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Saddles/PrimalItemCostume_ProcopBunny.PrimalItemCostume_ProcopBunny'"
  7. yeah i would like this too as there are alot of the stone things missing like the stone stairs and railings as well as the metal ones
  8. i understand how that goes no worries
  9. any idea on when the new update will be coming out. Just curious as to a eta i know nothing is set in stone
  10. there are quite a few items missing in extra ark since it was updated to extra ark 2.0
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