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  1. 4 hours ago, BarelyGemini said:

    I cant seem to find bees anywhere dispite seeing videos and guides showing where they are and where i can look. 


    I've been flying around with an owls night vision/heat vision and STILL cannot find any . they have to be bugged or something. Same thing with gacha's

  2. Why are there like hardly any bees to tame ? i've been looking for 3 days now and only seen 1 hive. I had to go get the stuff to tame it and when I went back even it was gone .

  3. STILL can't get into the server I play on and it STILL say it's under 70 (max). It doesn't matter what gen 2 server I try NONE will let me in , SO  that pretty much makes the game unplayable (I didn't buy it to have to play single player OR spend even MORE money and rent a server ) So all the work I put in 2 days ago will be gone because I doubt Wildcard will fix this any time soon . BS company , I'm glad this is the last Dlc .

  4. Other than a couple of the dino's , The map is honestly boring and the how hard it is to get up and down levels on parts of the map is just plain stupid tbh . try getting dino's back up top without cryo's

  5. 26 minutes ago, Whitecrayon said:

    So, from all of that, the only take away is: to all those who requested time off of work to enjoy this, go f*** yourself. Not only did you waste your time, but it’s likely too little notice to cancel and re-request it off.


    and no, Wildcard, this does not mean the community wants it delayed further. It probably will be though.

    If you're taking time off work for a video game that's NOT going anywhere , you MAY want to rethink , your Priorities ......   just sayin

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  6. I was playing on CI ( single player ) in the desert and got killed by a giga (no problem) , BUT when It comes back to where the respawn screen should be , it sends me to the make a new survivor screen . I verified files  ( the same usual 2 files every time ) but it's still doing it. It's like it won't save the game files at all ?

  7. 1 hour ago, FOX8619 said:

    actually i suspect this have being working on it since aberation dlc, i remember before the launch the interview they were ask if they were working on ark 2 and they laugh but dint comment about it plus, i belive the game might come out on november since they never give a date for the early access just for the anime show, and since its a new game bet will be also a new engine and fresh coding (i hope) so there will be less problems but after so many years dealing whit this company i would't be surprise if they screw up again ( they better get good support staff for this one or poop will hit the fan really fast)

    Bet they try the pay to play option. Which will flop , because their management and follow through on problems lack hughly. I'm begging that they go that route , it will end the game   lol

  8. 16 minutes ago, Fresiki said:

    I don't think you understand the question. I'm not talking about the instant gratification. Do you enjoy being angry/bitter?

    Either way, you will have to struggle with a moral dilemma though. At some point in your life, if it hasn't happened already, someone is going to make some really unreasonable critique of you and go off on you way more than you feel like is warranted. At that point, you're gonna feel like "this is wrong, and i have nothing to do with that" and try to appeal to the other person.

    Then you will realize, that person is you. You're that person. That person that just makes another person's life a little more difficult than it has to be,  for a split second. Just so you can feel better about yourself. Would you do it to your mother? Your sister? Your best friend? Why do it to anyone?

    Is Wildcard paying you to Simp for them ? Get a clue, they've had a over a year to adjust to remote working , so that's just a copout. It's unbelievable how you people just keep making excuses for wildcard incompetence

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  9. 7 minutes ago, TheMortalGenius said:

    Kids are talking way too crazy in the chat

    Small tribes Rag-4 

    They're talking about Unicorn-ing and killing babies... I dont get mad at kids for being toxic but please listen when i say this is the first time ive actually felt some type of way because they were specifically talking about babies... I have kids... I made a whole account on this just to report them because yes... I am salty or mad or whatever you want to call it... Kids should never ever ever talk freely like that.. These games chats need monitoring of some sort... 

    Welcome to toxic ark. LOL if you think anything will be done about it 

  10. Why doesn't/can't the servers (ingame) show even remotely close how many people are actually on the server at any given time? I mean Like when youre looking at the list of all the servers and the numbers are never correct EVER !   OR is that just chalked up to  "another ark  heheheheh  OPPSy thing" that will never bet corrected ?

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