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vowels's Feedback

  1. Darkintellect left Positive feedback   

    Traded for giga egg. She was quick, polite and helpful. 10/10 would trade again.

    vowels was The Seller

  2. vtallbloke left Positive feedback   

    Took a few days to arrange a swap, but quick and easy when we managed to meet. Different Timezones was the only main barrier. Thanks again vowels

    vowels was The Seller

  3. Lya left Positive feedback   

    Friendly and patient, trade went smooth, thank you again! :)

    vowels was The Seller

  4. retrophone left Positive feedback   

    Great people and awesome dinos! Thanks again for the patience and hope to do business again soon! :)

    vowels was Trading

  5. bananapotato left Positive feedback   

    Fast and smooth :)

    vowels was The Seller

  6. Barradismo left Positive feedback   

    Vert fast trader and super flexible with the price! Good guy

    vowels was The Seller

  7. melvin213x left Positive feedback   

    good trade, recommended :)

    vowels was The Seller

  8. thebeardguy left Positive feedback   

    Very good and fast trader with some excellent thylas look forward to more trades in the future i highly recomend this seller

    vowels was The Seller

  9. pixelated13 left Positive feedback   

    Very friendly trader, lovely mutations nice easy trade hope to trade again

    vowels was Trading

  10. Skrub left Positive feedback   

    Fast and easy thx for the allos :D

    vowels was The Seller

  11. Chaudgobay left Positive feedback   

    Fast, trustworthy and generous. Looking forward for new trades.

    vowels was Trading

  12. BruhServer28 left Positive feedback   

    Fast and easy trade :)

    vowels was The Seller

  13. BELFEGOR left Positive feedback   

    Fast easy trader! all great!

    vowels was Trading

  14. Maedean Shepard left Positive feedback   

    Was on my server faster than I could send a response through the forum. Very smooth trade, would trade again :D

    vowels was Trading

  15. Superficial left Positive feedback   

    Trade was smooth and gave exactly what was promissed

    vowels was The Seller

  16. Eymonlan left Positive feedback   

    Fast and Easy trade. Trustworthy

    vowels was The Seller

  17. Nekit left Positive feedback   

    Very good and top trader. Thx for trade

    vowels was The Seller

  18. Scotty8319 left Positive feedback   

    Friendly to chat with and super quick to arrange trades. Will deal with again!

    vowels was Trading

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