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  1. That is one of many issues ... they have not been treated differently, as they should have. As for the flyer nerf ... why should PVE get it? As you said was a PVP based nerf. But it was not needed in PVE, not one bit. As far as pillars everywhere ... that is not so bad these days. The reason we had issues with them was because of trolls and griefers, some of which are bored in PVP and come to PVE to screw with us. But with that, even when there were a million of them, if people were polite, found a spot pillared that they wanted, all they have to do is ask on most servers and people are generally pretty nice about it. Server tame cap and platform cap are issues on some servers, but alot of that was alleviated with the tribe cap ... with closing servers it sure as hell is not going to make the issue any better lol. But all in all, you kinda prove my point that they should have been treated differently from the start.
  2. Fry them with a lightning wyvern
  3. People expected the servers to not be wiped because WC said they wouldn't. They said they would cut 10% of servers, yet they cut 33%. They said they would give us a months notice about server cuts, yet they gave us 5/6 days. I understand this is a EA game and all that usually means, but when developers say they will not do something, we expect them to follow through. This is where alot of anger comes from. I notice that all the people calling others cry babies are mostly pvpers ... well half the pop is not pvp, it is pve, which is a completely different play style. You can not compare the 2. They should have been dealt with separately.
  4. New Server Lifespan Commitment?

    That might work for pvp....but not pve.
  5. perma x2 on release?

    Well .... technically our normal rate is already 2x at base rate ... compared to the original gather/tame/whatnot rate.
  6. server repurpose list.

  7. Pillars alone have never stopped spawns ... use pillars with ceilings snapped on them or foundations with pillars snapped in them. If your building in redwood on the center ... this spawn at the tops of trees and fall from the sky, so no amount of foundations will stop dino spawns.
  8. New 3rd Person?

    Personally I find the new 3rd person, even when settings changed to get as close to the old way as possible, is nauseating. What was so wrong with the old 3rd person? lol
  9. NA-PVE-Ragnarok15

    All dinos are gone. All structures no longer belong to anyone but are still there.
  10. Please remove crafter

    There is a limit to crafting. Say you craft a rex saddle and it comes out above the armor cap, upon next restart/update, it drops to the limit of 117.5 no matter what.
  11. Dodos are Not laying eggs ~_^

    Sorry ... Official Island Server.
  12. So we have many dodos and they are not laying eggs ... or pooping. Anyone else notice this?
  13. So it seems the gather multiplier has been reduced ... I am only picking up 1 stone instead of 2. Not to mention flowers have a spoil timer now. Gotta love how they do things and there are NO notes.
  14. Tek Trough

    I find it funny (sarcastically) that they lowered the cost of running a tek generator .... and made element farming a crap ton harder. Just sayin.
  15. Things to be Changed

    Ah that is where opinions differ. You are coming from PvP viewpoint, where I am coming from PvE viewpoint. They should be treated differently. WC has said more than once that they will not wipe servers. If they do, it is yet another misinformation from them. Early access or not, they said they would not wipe, on more than one occasion.