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  1. I am trying to figure out why pvp has so many Ragnarok servers .... while NA PVE has 3 (not including the isolated ones) ... yes 3. Seriously?!
  2. Free standing pillars and foundations are a problem on PVE. But the bigger problem is this: The server I play on recently had a very large group of PVPers show up and start trying to infiltrate/glitch into peoples bases, which they are succeeding at. They are spamming E on generators, inside buildings that they have glitched into, until all the gas is gone. They are dragging bodies and caging them and demanding ransom. Now this is a PVE server, no matter how much we report them nothing is being done, so they continue. Continue to gloat in global and demand ransom. They also have continued to pillar everywhere. We had, as a server, pillared many areas and gave land away as new players showed up. Since many pillars have been deleted they have now pillared all the things that we had saved for new players and are pillaring around peoples bases and everywhere they possibly can. Which is now an even worse problem. This is a vicious cycle, which will end in veteran players quitting. I know several people have already left and many more, if not most will leave if these issues are not sorted out. Our server was peaceful with many public areas (public house on half burnt with multiple grills, public garden, public forge and public newbies houses which we kept well stocked) and when someone asked for pillars to be removed they would be. But now this horrid tribe has everything and are making people not want to play anymore. This has given them more fuel.
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