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  1. Does this include the bionic Skins. In the post you only mentions that excludes the game and season pass no mention of the skins?
  2. In the previous post I would agree it could be up for interpretation, but the edit by jat made it clear. There is no room for interpretation. He said it would be complete support. Anything else would not be complete support.
  3. From the post it self. Important Customer Support Legacy InformationWhen the current servers become Legacy servers on the 29th, we will no longer offer Customer Support to these Legacy servers. All outstanding tickets to our Customer Support team will be wiped clean on launch day, and no future tickets submitted by those playing on Legacy servers will be accepted. Going forward our Customer Support team will be focused on assisting those present on the new cluster, which will not be plagued by many of the issues that occurred during the Early Access process. Unfortunately it is bey
  4. Just curious. I play on NA Offical 140-test. Does the fact that the test is not included in the list mean the server is safe. Because 141 and 141-test
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