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  1. He is the source. YOU were talking to JAT from Wildcard.
  2. Geez anyone got a pc I could borrow for 4 months? The curse of console gameplay.. exclusion from awesome opportunities like this..
  3. Saw a tweet from wildcard and I know not everyone follows them on twitter so I thought I'd share.. Details are sparse from me as I didn't look at the link but check @survivetheark for more details.. They say OFFICIAL mod program this I am curious about. .
  4. Omg I'm gonna buy a PS4 then POWN all the PS4 newbs we can rule SOTF.. but seriously where is my Xbox release date?
  5. Lol don't let that Sl1pg8r win anything. ;-) nailed it, aced it, Can't be stopped.. Or can he lol.. I'm team zeuljin can't wait for the shout casts.
  6. How's the youtube channel going.

  7. In the words Of a Great YOUTUBE STREAMER. NAILED IT, ACED IT, CAN'T BE STOPPED.. Pff I CALLED IT and never even saw the stream WILDCARD RECOGNIZE ;-)
  8. Doesn't the dark space look like the S.O.T.F logo was cut out of it... Or to be more specific it looks LIKE A LOGO of some sort as its a mirror image left and right except for the two points in the middle.. But just speculating a new game mode maybe like Boss battle arena..
  9. The real question is.. Is this a real animal or merely the artist interpretation of what the animal in question might look like..
  10. Who cares... It's about time they put all the animals in the dossiers they have already released in the game.. I want me a big beaver and dunkltoesis and tree climbers... also we need an alternative to mammoths Imo.
  11. OH MY DODO ON ROIDS... hahaha those little stubby wing were just a flapping so funny in body but mean in name Ark you're such a contradiction... I love it.
  12. And Fillet Knife.. to maximize non animal prime Resource aquisition..
  13. Actually I think this was the best method of introducing Prime fish .. nothing more than that.. personally I hate the basil. Rather have that armored fish... But IT'S opinion take what you will from it. ..
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