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  1. 5 minutes ago, Nast said:

    The ARK Additions mod creatures should all be added to the core game as official creatures.


    I want this so much. I've played on Xbox for the most part (because I can't really afford a crazy PC to run Ark), and I mostly want it for a couple specific dinos: the Deinosuchus for the stellar model and animations, the Acro for the phenomenal sound design and knock-out mechanic, and the Deinotherium for its neat aggro/tame mechanics. I also think the Brachiosaurus would be a great addition, with its unique silhouette compared to the other sauropods in the game already.

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  2. I see lots of people alluding to Haast's Eagle in the comments. Haast's Eagle is one of my favorite prehistoric birds and while I do understand that many of Ark's dino designs aren't especially accurate to real life, I would nonetheless like to point out that Haast's Eagle was large enough to hunt moa. It would be just a smidgen too large to perch on a survivor's shoulder. Imagine carrying 20-30 lbs (9-15 kg) that way.

    Still, a design based on Haast's Eagle would be neat to see, at least in terms of visual design, if not size.

  3. 1 hour ago, MisterMechaG said:

    While it sucks we won't get Carcha, the small victory here is that I can tame some baboons and get mutations for brown with gold stripes to look like Rajang from Monster Hunter lol

    That's the most valid and compelling reason I've seen to tame one so far. XD  Still, I'm not one for apes/monkeys. I don't think I've ever tamed a Mesopithecus or a Gigantopithecus. I've always liked reptiles and birds a ton, so the "typical" dinosaur fare is way more up my alley. Stuff like Microraptors (even though I play PvE), Therizinosaurs, Raptors, Thylas, etc. I honestly can't wait to tame an Amargasaurus!

    Either way, glad for those who got what they wanted out of the vote; I hope WildCard does more player involvement like this in the future.

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  4. On 6/11/2021 at 8:05 PM, zerogamegame said:

    So there will be no anniversary event this year? 

    I've been seeing Party Dodos, and the cooking pot has been showing the skins/recipes for event items and chibis. I believe the anniversary event is currently active. If it's not working in a single player save or an unofficial server, there is a command to start it up, I believe, although I've never had to use it. I do know, however, that the command only works when the relevant files have been pushed to consoles/clients. Those files aren't left live all the time because they'd bog down consoles and PCs over time, or somesuch.

  5. So many folks getting caught up on the specifics of draconic terms and species. I'm as much a fan of dragons as the next person, but we must remember they are fantasy creatures.

    If I may wax encyclopedic, though...: "Wyrm" is a term that is often used to refer to any draconic creature. Even a full-on dragon could be referred to as a "wyrm" if one were to speak in a general enough manner. (Kind of like saying "man" or "mankind" to refer to the human race as a whole.) As for the term "wyrm" referring specifically to a two-legged serpent, you're half right. A two-legged serpent is specifically called a "lindwyrm" or a "land-wyrm".

    Granted, I would be reluctantly willing to extend my definition of "dragon" to include any winged, reptilian creature with a breath weapon (especially since, in a good deal of mainstream fantasy such as D&D, wyverns do not have a breath attack). So the wyverns of Scorched, as well as the "dragons" in the Elder Scrolls universe or the "dragons" from Game of Thrones or the film adaptation of The Hobbit, could potentially be considered actual dragons.

    Sorry for the text wall. I've been more or less obsessed with all things draconic since I was a kid. lol

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  6. As contentious and toxic as some of the Ark player-base can be, you always keep up the kindness. It is my hope as well, Studio WildCard, that you folks experience lots of good health, happiness, and restful snacking! Please take care of yourselves, too.

    To my fellow Ark players: Please have a wonderful holiday season and stay safe!

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  7. 9 hours ago, Vahilor said:

    I love all the Tek stuff, especially the Fed. Tek Armor. It looks really neat.

    Love how Rockwell mutated into the main antagonist. Really wished for it, especially after the Extinction ending.

    Also I miss Santiago. Like his character a lot.

    I'm excited to learn more about Rockwell! My biggest question is "what is he at this point?" He was clearly still a biological being in Abb, then a digital one in Gen. 1. Now, though? Has he spanned both those planes? And more to the images of the ship: What *did* bring us to this point? My initial assumption was that Earth was simply too far gone for us to repopulate and reclaim, but maybe there's something else at work here? I'm honestly pretty stoked for Gen. 2.

  8. Everyone saying that this is a BS excuse... please try to exercise a modicum of empathy. Heck, even sympathy would be a breath of fresh air. I understand the frustration with yet another delay, but that's no reason to belittle the reason that Wildcard says they're holding off. Whether they're telling the truth or not, other game companies are doing the same thing, and the situation really does call for it. On top of that, COVID is still a thing. I would not be surprised if many WC employees/developers are working from home right now.

    Does that excuse them not planning ahead better? Maybe (depends how patient you are). Does it mean we should ignore the fact that many other countries around the world have joined the U.S. in protesting what's happened (for those claiming that the rest of the world's release date should have nothing to do with the problems in the U.S.)? No, absolutely not.

    There's a lot of ARK already: The Isle, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Ragnarok, The Center, Valguero, plus any other content available to those not restricted to console. Transfer some dinos out of your favorite map and start fresh or something. There are a lot of ways to exercise patience.

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  9. 2 hours ago, St1ckyBandit said:

    Yeah because anything thats ever come out for this game from Wildcard has been polished or didnt have some kind of awful development choice that had to be fixed.


    5 months means nothing to me when I look at the track record of the game and wouldnt at all put it past them to delay it EVEN MORE as that is the norm with Wildcard products.


    Would have been hyped for this if it had a summer or even early Sept release but there are games on games on games getting dropped later this year and extinction is right in the middle of it. Couldnt be worse timing really.


    So people say "wouldnt you rather they delay the dlc and ship it in better shape?" Well actually no I wouldnt because its always broken anyway and theres too much stuff coming later this year.


    ....all that being said, it looks/sounds sick....



    I agree, it looks like a ton of fun. I'm excited to get my hands on a scout bot!

    On the other hand, I apologize if I came off as especially rude or antagonistic. I don't mean to say that WildCard is perfect. Indeed, I have issue with a few game mechanics myself. (Basi can resist squid-grab and jellyfish, but Mosa can't? Eh.) But I'm also not the sort of person to nitpick incessantly at something for its flaws.  (Prime example: I nitpick at Bungie for all of Destiny's wasted potential. I still love to play Destiny with friends, and I still thin Bungie is a good game developer overall.)

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  10. 1 hour ago, Weevor22 said:

    i love how people complain that the release date is too far but if they rush it and it has bugs..they still complain..give them time it already looks fantastic let them make their game..

    I was thinking the same thing. (Not to mention the fact that folks also complain about things being delayed. I'd rather see a longer wait time and get the DLC on the projected date, to be honest.)

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