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  1. Xbox/PC play anywhere/Windows 10

    I was able to download it from the Microsoft store app on windows 10, but the game will not launch for me. It opens up a window then immediately closes...
  2. Megalosaurus spawns

    We have also seen and killed a couple on official Primitive PVE. Seen in both the far east cave and the chitin cave.
  3. Random Mutations Color or Stat based?

    From what I understand, granted I am no expert, if it is not a stat based mutation it has to be a color mutation. With the color mutation though it is any possible color and any possible color area on each creature. That means that unfortunately some color mutations would be very similar to a naturally occurring color or on a smaller area of the animal. Maybe check the wiki for naturally occurring colors and the color regions for each animal and try to see if something is different. Hope that got closer to your question.
  4. Random Mutations Color or Stat based?

    How do mutations work? It would be beneficial to read the other 5 pages of this article first.... To answer your question though mutations occur as a byproduct breeding, particularly inbreeding, and can manifest themselves as either stat based or color based mutations. For more information read the rest of the article.
  5. Hey All, I have been playing on a Xbox Official PvE Primitive server for over a year now. I really enjoy the game mode and I know Prim+ has been out a while, yet I feel I know very little of what the differences are. I know there are many more structure types, food types, gear, etc., but how exactly does game play differ from the old Primitive? Is this mode still based around taming creatures and building structures? I've been interested in playing but don't know what the particular draw would be to change modes. Please be kind and constructive and thanks in advance!
  6. Beaver dams/houses

    I've only ever found them were different bodies of water meet. On the Island for instance, where the river enters the peninsula on the Southern Islets, or where 3 rivers merge by the black sand, or where a river meets the swamp. The other though is wherever you might find a "still" water in IRL. This would be lakes, ponds, slow moving bends in the river, etc. In that case they would be behaving much like modern day beavers.
  7. Low Dino Spawns

    I thought we as a tribe were just going crazy when it seemed like there were fewer dino spawns. I spent over 1.5 hours looking for a dodec on the Island when normally they are all over the Redwoods. Its is heartening to hear that other official servers are having the same troubles.
  8. If you want a trial by fire, almost literally, then start out on Scorched Earth. It is a much more difficult map, with extreme weather conditions and a greater abundance of hostile creatures. The Island would be the most friendly place to start; however the center, even with the bugs, seems to be a larger map (I don't know for sure) and is much more visually appealing than the Island. Any way you go just enjoy it. Hope this helps.
  9. Community Crunch 82 and ARK Digest 46!

    Imagine a shoulder mount Giga! It was great to see the Digest again and I'm looking forward to all the future updates. Does anyone know if there is even a rough idea of a future full release date?
  10. Fire Bronto?

    Cool shot of a Bronto on fire. Almost looked Super Sayain.
  11. Checking out ARK youtubers

    From what I recall Sl1p used kibble before scorched ever came out. That was the whole point of his egg farms, and his uploaded "Eggasaurs" and Scorpion farms etc, that he had as far back as season 2...