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  1. A good event for kids! I like this idea since the begining
  2. i said YES! Thanks a lot!!
  3. Nice again Owl and Forest are well make,thx !
  4. Yay! Server ON !Thx..
  5. Whaa , so nice the new update !
  6. Oh!an update of this "G" https://survivetheark.com/g/
  7. Oh? i dont noticed we have a music now in the "G" -->https://survivetheark.com/g/
  8. Good question for SE (note)But in AB you can find some loot on the surface and underground.So the control centre of "loot" is working (there is some light in the high part of destroyed pillard, maybe still working ) Dont forget , SIr Rockwell and Santiago "communicate" with ARK , maybe sort of overseer? And he find in the ground a DNA room ,so i dont know ^^".
  9. yes, but what about the "launch center of the osd"? they come from where in ext?
  10. i like the idea of space station .or a ARK not finished in space /proto ARK . 7 days guys 7 days , (omg so long )
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