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  1. Easy brood can be done with tamed Rexes on primitive saddles. What you have there would likely clean up beta brood / mega with ease given ~50 armor saddle. Probably can do gamma dragon too but armor matters less there and melee trumps. With decent saddles (100+), you would be looking at alpha brood / mega. My breeding line was ready well ahead of me finding the saddle for them so start hitting up swamp cave and the water caves, rngesus is not always kind. Keep mutating though because that always makes things go easier..
  2. Your last statement is a bit harsh considering you are recommending an extinction only engram for someone not even playing that map. You make some assumptions about his ability to unlock that engram whilst insulting him, bad form.
  3. Not experienced it and I stay logged in sitting on a chair for hours in the evening while doing other stuff, just check for eggs every 30 mins. Official server but not close to being full.
  4. 100 slot server on a huge map, I guess the official island server I play on that lags constantly with 20+ players is not reflective of other servers.
  5. Check the Wildcard Twitter account, they made an announcement there, they rolling back patch.
  6. You are doing it right as far as I can see. I count number of eggs I need to hatch for a HP or Dmg mutation and in my experience this has ranged from 100 to 500 eggs. The 500 eggs one was rare but frustrating as hell, a lot of work hatching, checking stats and killing all those babies.......lots of level ups though!!! You are just going to need more 0/0 Females. You can't upgrade the females to the current studs stats as you will then halve your chances of a mutation by capping the mutation counter on one side.
  7. My OC server went down after update. The ones I see in the server list are still on the old build, don't see any new build servers up
  8. Look at the front page of the general forums, right now there are 2 posts about lost characters and that isn't abnormal. Jump at your own risk. If server crashes and rolls back, bye bye character......which is appropriate at this particular moment in time because all servers are being rolled back.
  9. Very old, like many things about Ark. Something about the game not re-calculating the baby's health when it comes out of stasis as an adult
  10. Regardless of what people's "gut feel" is, money makes the world go round and you simply don't end a game that is currently sitting 6th in steam's most played games. It makes no commercial sense. Whether that is a sequel or more DLC it remains to be seen but to just end and move on to another project with such a large player base is insane. This is especially relevant seeing as the parent company has an appreciation of how difficult it is to crack this genre and gaming market in general with the failure of DnL. They are not going to close down a cash cow.
  11. LOL relax, you make it sound like Ced knows everything about prim + and no one else does. If something happens then someone else will step in, no matter what job you do, everyone is replaceable, if you don't know that by now you haven't been in the workforce long enough. Despite the QA still working on this during his absence I think some of the replies here show that we are a little spoilt with this game due to the constant updates. I'm sure many of us that play other EA titles with much longer update releases are a lot more patient, I have plenty of fully released games that patch way less frequently. Point is, just chill, there is nothing game breaking in prim + right now that requires all hands on deck. Some annoying bugs but game is playable.
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