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  1. The content of the DLC is easily accessible in SP, dedicated, non-dedicated and unofficial servers so I understand you are upset but your allegation that you cannot play what you paid for is false.
  2. I've been playing story mode last few months and solo'd him on Alpha to progress to Ext last week. Playing on my own dedicated, not SP easy mode settings Firstly, I didnt bring light pets, they are a waste of a slot and I ignore nameless and reapers in any case so no point bringing them. I also hardly used my shotgun, that strat is good for sub alpha or for a large tribe (which makes every boss easy) but playing solo the reapers and nameless focus you, you dont have time to pump 10 shotgun rounds into a Alpha tentacle with 6 repears chasing you. You use your shotgun a lot more in gam
  3. Really depends on the experience you want. Generally the player made maps that turned into DLC: Centre, Rag, Valguero, CI are new player friendly as they give you all of the games dinos without the environmental dangers that the official DLC maps have. The boss fights on those DLC maps are also a joke and allow you to unlock many high end engrams with fresh tamed trash dinos whereas they would have taken much longer to unlock on an official DLC map. I personally don't like them as they make the game trivial but Rag has been the most popular map for a long time so there is appetite for that gam
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