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  1. I see options in server setting to enable global voice chat and voice chat box on the radio (even though radio can't be used properly). Just wondering if we are getting voice chat in the future?
  2. It not worth me doing that for you, I shouldn't even bother replying honestly it won't change the fact, you have access to more information then me or any other player but too lazy or don't care enough it was said in many live streams from grove street including at pax. It was said in wildcards own post/news about the switch update.
  3. Yes it was lie, because it was said multiple times we would get it free with update
  4. So was it another lie that players who already have ark get scorched earth for free with the update??!
  5. This is facts. Wildcard don't like accepting mistakes they rather try to cover it or blame someone else. Although I wouldn't bother talking to @Joebl0w13 that's a waste of time. Only need to read his replies to see that
  6. Not even surprised. It will be delayed again don't worry, ark 2 more likely to be released first in my opinion
  7. So it's been roughly 5 hours since the oce servers have vanished from nintendo switch server list. Anyone know why? I'm guessing it partly they don't care cause it's on switch, like we don't get any any proper news or updates. Guess after September update they might care
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