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  1. For the time being there is a way around this fir making bullets. Keep the bps for the bullets and you can que multiple 999(1 per bp) in a rep to do 6k per que
  2. Aluyk14

    New tekgram

    New tekgram I feel I would be an awesome idea to bring a new upgrade to the tek side of breeding. In my breeding room I have abo ut 100+ refrigerators along my walls cluttering the room and reducing storage space. A tek fridge that holds a increased amount of slots for a longer period of time would be an amazing addition. Not only would this help for breeding, but just the overall use and storage of decaying items like meat, drinks, eggs, etc. This item is long overdue and looking forward to seeing it in the (hopefully) near future! Thank you for your consideration to adding this sick new tekgram!
  3. Tame (unleveled) stats Just and idea but when you look at a tames ancestory there is a large open space under the specific creature's direct parents. Maybe in this space you could put the tames hatched/tamed stats so we do not need to either folder or name our creatures to keep track of those stats for breeding purposes. Thank you for the consideration on this new feature!
  4. In a trap or out of one? When u use a behemoth trap if not built correctly it isnt possible to get pregnant. It will grab you, but drop you like u have stated.
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