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  1. Sadly they have never fixed this issue or the constant game crash in Single player mode. Add the two together and you have an ultra annoying process: Sea of death (all you can see is water which is normally followed by pending doom). Force a save (hopefully, but this 9 times out of 10 speeds up the crash). Reload game Log in reset all settings (no all but a lot) which are not saved for some reason (over half of all settings seem to have this issue) load game - see how much progression was lost Wait for the next crash (keep manually saving when you have done something significant). Live die crash and repeat. I have the PC version and have played PC a lot. Bought Switch version despite the bad reviews because I like being able to play on the hotel TV when away (which is a lot). I understand (but still hate the fact) that DLC's are none-existent but please..... I beg you...… fix what you started Wild Card. Would you see this many issues with Mario cart...absolutely not so it really shows everything about integrity. It is clearly not a working solution, loads of bugs and yet only ever one single patch???? Full priced game should at least command fixes to existing content No?
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