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  1. My Nitrado server was updated last night and the engrams issue is now fixed. Hooray!
  2. Brilliant, thanks for the info. I am in the UK and have found Nitrado tend to update their servers overnight, so hopefully in a few hours it will be resolved.
  3. The engrams now seem to be unlocked and working on Xbox single player after the update yesterday but not on my Nitrado server which hasn't yet updated to the latest version. As other people have said, the engrams are now showing as available but you cannot learn them. Nitrado have been pretty good in the past about updating the server version quickly, not sure what the problem is with this update. I have submitted a ticket, hopefully will hear back from them soon.
  4. I have the same issue on an unofficial pc session on Xbox where since the update today, the dlc engrams now look as though they can be unlocked but you can't actually unlock them. I'm hoping this is because the Nitrado server I am playing on has not yet updated to the current version so with any luck they might be actually unlockable when it updates.
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