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  1. This glitch is really old. Why it happens: you logged off after harvesting a node, without giving it time to respawn. How to fix it: host a non-dedicated server SP session. All nodes should respawn. (Use command slomo 10 to make it faster) How to prevent it: lower respawn period slider to minimum, so rocks respawn just after harvesting them. I hope you can fix it!
  2. Official vs Legacy Official servers The new release has brought a new modded map and some new dinos like the Tropeo or Wyvern variants as everyone knows. However, they did not open a single official legacy server running Crystal Isles. They are basically preventing all legacy players (which are in most cases the ones which supported the game in its release 5 years ago) from enjoying new content. At this point I just wanna ask everyone: what is the reason to keep legacy separated from official clusters? I don't see the point in keeping this isolation, specially in PvE. I guess
  3. Let me translate it for everybody: Fortunately, the current situation in the US serves as the perfect excuse to postpone this update. I cannot remember a single early access update delivered on time. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate all those delays during the last 5 years.
  4. Todos los servers de Genesis están caídos. La última actualización borró parte de los ficheros que el servidor carga al arrancar y por tanto ninguno va a funcionar hasta que lo arreglen.
  5. Yeah.. there is now a lot of players as raising wyverns at 4x is easy. I guess best time to find eggs is morning, try luck this weekend. Although today I found my first lvl 190 egg, so I can't complain at all good luck!
  6. Easy way to steal Wyvern eggs during Event If you are having issues to get your first Wyvern eggs, I found a very simple way to do it. All you need a Ptera with 1000+ stamina and around 200 weight. Under normal circumstances this strategy is risky, but if you feed your ptera an ASCENDANT festive dino candy, he will gain a 15% speed buff, enough to escape from wyverns. The candies are dropped by Bunny Oviraptors. In Scorched Earth, for example, there are many Ovis around 50,40. Good luck everyone!
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