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  1. This glitch is really old. Why it happens: you logged off after harvesting a node, without giving it time to respawn. How to fix it: host a non-dedicated server SP session. All nodes should respawn. (Use command slomo 10 to make it faster) How to prevent it: lower respawn period slider to minimum, so rocks respawn just after harvesting them. I hope you can fix it!
  2. Official vs Legacy Official servers The new release has brought a new modded map and some new dinos like the Tropeo or Wyvern variants as everyone knows. However, they did not open a single official legacy server running Crystal Isles. They are basically preventing all legacy players (which are in most cases the ones which supported the game in its release 5 years ago) from enjoying new content. At this point I just wanna ask everyone: what is the reason to keep legacy separated from official clusters? I don't see the point in keeping this isolation, specially in PvE. I guess
  3. Let me translate it for everybody: Fortunately, the current situation in the US serves as the perfect excuse to postpone this update. I cannot remember a single early access update delivered on time. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate all those delays during the last 5 years.
  4. Todos los servers de Genesis están caídos. La última actualización borró parte de los ficheros que el servidor carga al arrancar y por tanto ninguno va a funcionar hasta que lo arreglen.
  5. I am afraid I don't know right now any other mods for that. Classic flyers is the most used one and I suggest you to keep using it and try some kind of strategy to kill all wyverns with turrets or gigas and be able to get some eggs. I guess there are other mods for flyer speed, but I doubt they will be compatible with your current game and you risk losing all your tamed flyers if changing the mod.
  6. Oh sorry for that! I meant no offense. I just wanted to make sure I understand him so I could help. I edited my post.
  7. Are you using classic flyers mod? That mod was known to bug wyvern spawns, making them spawn in a crazy amount.
  8. Also, if you don't want to waste time waiting for it to respawn for testing purposes, you can use command "admincheat slomo 100" to make the game run 100x times faster. I had that issue in my solo gameplay on The Island map and the non dedicated session fixed respawning for me... I am sorry it did not help you!
  9. Forget about reinstalling. It is a bug in the core of the game. It wont fix it and it is not a functional solution. Non dedicated session is the same as your usual SP play. In the Single player Menu, you have the option to run locally or to run in a non dedicated server. You just have to play in non-dedi a few minutes, just visit the missing nodes and make sure they respawned, then you can switch to normal SP session. If you have any trouble finding it let me know.
  10. I guess the answer has already been given but it is scattered in different comments. This issue has been there for many many years, and devs never fixed it. When it happens: if you harvest any harvestable node, and leave the game before the respawn period set in settings is over, those nodes will never spawn back (no matter if you change that respawn period setting to 0.001 afterwards). How to Fix it: there are two types of working fixes I found: The preventive fix is adjusting respawn period to 0.001 or something very low, to make sure nodes have respawn before you leave t
  11. Yeah.. there is now a lot of players as raising wyverns at 4x is easy. I guess best time to find eggs is morning, try luck this weekend. Although today I found my first lvl 190 egg, so I can't complain at all good luck!
  12. Easy way to steal Wyvern eggs during Event If you are having issues to get your first Wyvern eggs, I found a very simple way to do it. All you need a Ptera with 1000+ stamina and around 200 weight. Under normal circumstances this strategy is risky, but if you feed your ptera an ASCENDANT festive dino candy, he will gain a 15% speed buff, enough to escape from wyverns. The candies are dropped by Bunny Oviraptors. In Scorched Earth, for example, there are many Ovis around 50,40. Good luck everyone!
  13. It won't allow you to feed an eel until it discharges its energy and is fleeing from you. Easiest way is using a basilo on passive, find an eel which must be alone, with no other eels around, and wait for it to attack you, dismount, chase it, feed it, and mount again and repeat. Good luck!
  14. Boosted rates are applied to official servers by devs. Each unofficial server has its own rates. Contact the admin of the server, as he is the one who could change rates manually.
  15. The timer resets if you leave the base and unrender dinos. It could take around 10-15 minutes if dino is mate and ovi boosted for her to lay an egg. However, egg is never guaranteed and you could need several intervals until you finally get it.
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