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  1. Dunno man, I've played SP and I never had problems with engrams.
  2. Why not level yourself up fully and unlock all the engrams through that?
  3. Metal farming, metal farming and oh, metal farming for 6 hours.
  4. Hatched two wyvern eggs, tamed a 150 rex and did some building, crafting and everything..
  5. I had a rather weird day on ARK today. First I wanted some new Ascendant gear so I went to the underground cave, after a lot of yelling I finally made it, but it was bugged or the game just hates me because I didn't received anything. Then I thought maybe let's tame some 150 rexes to add for a new raid or boss but then I came to realize that I can't make kibble because it is bugged. It seems that you can't make kibbles with prime meat jerky in them. If anyone else is having this issue please tell me because then it's because of the game and it needs fixing asap because I've already got 3
  6. That does look cool. Spino's are my favorite dinosaurs. Shame they do not get used very often in raids.
  7. Now I'm confused! I'm gonna look up what logic really means!
  8. Because you're having issues with the game means the company sucks? Is there some kind of logic here?
  9. Went cave scouting to find a giga blocking my path and my quetzal to be vanished from the map. 800 polymer gone. Thanks ARK.
  10. I agree too. I really love the game and spend many hours playing it, but I reduced the daytime and made the night longer because I just can't stand it that 50% of my screen is just white because of the sun.
  11. Really interested in how this comes to play.
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