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  1. Underrated comment with hat Cartman Photo 😂🤣 I do love this Creature though and I hope this wins
  2. How does Syntac have the Carcharidontosaurus already? Edit: Okay Sooo Ive been living under a rock. I didnt receive any notifications about the Carch being released or anything. So Im a Dunce I know. I dont even think there was a trailer.
  3. They mentioned Parkour will be part of movement options so it's not out of the realm of possibilities.
  4. After Ascending through the different maps, you lose the implant so no.
  5. I wouldn't say that Ark 2 will get rid of modern stuff, it's not confirmed or Denied that it's getting rid of it, but it would probably be very late game stuff. For me my biggest wish is to keep all past Dinos (Actual Dinosaurs, mammals and invertebrates, etc) in the game and add maybe a few fantasy creatures like the Bulbdog, Rock Drake, Karkinos and Shadowmane. There is definitely alien life on the planet we're on, the first trailer hid this weird alien looking plant or insect (don't remember exactly what it was but it was alien like)
  6. Hey Wild Card and Survivors! I want to share my Ideas, Wishes, Wants and etc. Strap in cause I think this will make Ark 2 a fantastic, beautiful and amazing game that will last a life time! Improved Ocean Life/Ecosystems: So right off that bat I want to share that I love Marine Biology and Marine Life back in the Prehistoric era was just so fascinating to read about and look at via the fossils and history we gathered. With the Power of Unreal Engine 5, I think you guys can create Beautiful, Dynamic, Thriving Oceans that is full of color, life, detail and depth. - Blood in the Water system - With the new AI System you guys are implementing, the Sense of Smell can be used in a new way. Blood Travels in water and Sharks sense blood in the water from Miles and Miles away, so why not make a unique bleed system that can attract Megalodons, Mega Piranhas and other Marine life! Or this Blood System can be used for Fishing, Chumming for example! You can chum the waters to attract Megalodons or other Marine life to hunt or Tame! - Advanced Ocean Spawns - How about adding Advanced Spawns for the Dinos, In the real life Oceans depending on the weather conditions, time of day or seasons certain animals will appear. So why not make a system to where certain dinos spawn at certain times of the day, during certain weather events or even just make them exclusive to certain ocean biomes (Cold waters will have X creatures while Warmer waters have Y and you can have universal spawns). This has been applied to Ark 1 with land creatures! - More Variety of Marine Life - So I feel as though the Ocean life was kind of Neglected in Ark 1, so adding more variety of Marine Creatures to the Oceans will breathe new life into the ecosystem! Bonding with your Tames: One of the biggest things I like about Ark is how it turns from a Serious, Suspenseful game to a Cute and Wholesome game with a bunch of amazing creatures to love. You have added the Pet Emote and thats a start but I have some amazing Ideas to add more Emotion and Life to your tames to not make them feel just brutal hunters or hard working harvesters! - Advanced Interaction - So as I mentioned that you guys already added the Petting to Ark 1 with the emote. But how can you guys go further with interacting with your tames? Well how about taking the Petting more advanced, Give it better animations, different variety of ways to pet your companion, give your Tame a Treat or even play with them! - Better Imprinting - Imprinting is a fantastic mechanic implemented, but it doesnt have to be stuck to just raising babies, it could be expanded to taking your Companions Hunting, Playing with them, Checking in on them and not just leaving them alone. Interaction is key, you always want to check in on your dinos and not leave them be. Which leaves me to my next idea! - Dino Mood - Going back to keep on interacting with your Dinos, if you leave them be for awhile, their mood changes, they could feel depressed, agitated or wired! They wont retaliate or hurt you but this could effect their performance in Battle, whether that be PvP or PvE. Always check in on your dinos, treat them like your own kin! Don't do away with Firearms! Don't do away with the Firearms, the Primitive Firearms can fit with Ark 2 and if you want to make it spicy you can add Fabricated ones (Assault Rifle, Pump Action Shotgun, Semi Auto Pistol and Fabiricated Sniper). but you dont have to do away with Primitive Firearms (Double Barrel Shotgun, Simple Pistol, Longneck Rifle and Flare Gun) Finally! Please dont rid of some of Fantasy and Primitive DLC Creatures! Some of the Creatures like the Rock Drake, Bulbdog, Karkinos, Shadowmane or Griffin can return! I know we can mod them in, but I think an Official entry in the game would actually just make it feel better to give it some flair to the creatures I have a lot more to give but these are my major ones I can't stress enough to share. So I hope you enjoy these suggestions! Have a great day Survivors and THANK YOU Wild Card for a wonderful and beautiful experience with Ark 1! Sincerely, Atarashi_Daten_Shi
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