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  1. iDizzy81

    Ark Tribunal Server Cluster!

    Bumpity bump bump bump.
  2. iDizzy81

    Ark Tribunal Server Cluster!

    Bumping as to not duplicate spam. The server is NOW OPEN!
  3. The Midgard Tribunal NOW FEATURING ABERRATION! Ark Tribunal Stats & Conditions Taming 4x Maturation 4x Experience 2x Gather Rate 2.5x Supply Crate Quality Boost 1.2x Fishing Loot Quality Boost 1.5x *All Boosts are subject to change at the community preference **Events may occasionally include temporary adjusted boosts or debuffs. Ragnarok Features: No Spawns: Giganotosaurus Titanosaur Lowered Spawn Rates: Brontos Leedsycthys Megalodons [No Cliffalodons] Removed C4! Stamina Regen on Flyers Enabled! Offline Raid Protection [ORP] Tribe limit 5* No Alliances 300 Tribe/Solo Dino Limit Aberration Transferring Player/Loot/ALL Dinos Aberration Features: No Offline Raid Protection [No-ORP] No Tribe Limit Alliances 250 Tribe/Solo Dino Limit Ragnarok Transferring Player/Loot/ALL Dinos Xbox Club: Ark Tribunal Servers Role-Playing[Lite]: RP-Lite will be used to help bring the server community alive. We want you to play your style. Want to be a server renowned farmer? Become one. Want to start your own tavern? Become a barkeep! Want to just play the game? You can do just that. For the RPers, events will be held to enable you to enjoy your experience on the server. *Currently exploring the concept of removing blueprints to emphasize a focus on character building with the crafting skills. This will not remove the possibility of receiving greater quality items in fishing and loot crates. PvPvE[Lite]: PvP is a major part of Ark: Survival Evolved. However, we all know that it can also be a mess with a lot of downside when you log out of the game. In effort to ensure that we keep the server community driven, we will be employing some tactics to help ensure friendly/agreed-upon PvP battles. - Offline Raid Protection - "White Flag" protocol; Wars instead of raids where tribes can surrender and negotiate peace terms. - Hosted PvP events including Gladiator battles, Purge-like events, etc. - Community feedback to adjust PvP tactics when necessary Events: Events are a major part of any community. With this we plan to push forward community driven events and contests. Some events will include rewards such as improved quality items and even rare tames not accessible in Ragnarok. - Market Day to sell/trade your goods to others on the server - PvP Events TBA - Server Wide RP/Story-Building Events TBA - Server-Wide Contests Community Driven: One of the biggest concerns of any dedicated server is whether or not there will be any admin abuse? This is a fair question because it is all too common. In effort to ensure that you KNOW who the admins are, all admin gamer tags and contact info will be shared to the community. We will be holding all of our admins to the highest standard and integrity to do the right thing. Any proven case of abuse of any kind will not be permitted. Another question is how will trolls be handled? Again, another fair question. For the simple part, trolls attempting to cause intentional harm to the community will be removed and permanently banned. Since this is an RP/PvP-lite server, we have to take each action into account of whether it is someone acting in character as a bandit or pirate, or someone who is literally trying to have fun by ruining the server we wish to build.
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    Community Crunch 79!

    Neat Avatars!
  5. Don't worry, they broke the Xbox version even worse than before. It's a shame when QA fails and that it breaks more than any fix.