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  1. On NA Prim Plus 3 AB went down on Dec 24th and just came back up yesterday. Every tamed dino on the map decayed We had years of work wiped out. We have sent tickets and emails. Please help, we need a rollback to the day it went down please.
  2. Just give us a little love please. The community of Prim Plus is a tight dedicated group. We make the most of a difficult situation. We need some things fixed. No particular order. 1. Our beautiful crops are so broken. There was a time when we could use our tomatoes like veggie cakes, it was awesome. Now they don’t even work as food for dinos. 2. The beer we make doesn’t work on Chalicotherium. So they are not tamable on Prim Plus. 3. We don’t have Alpha Rex which then keeps us from getting alpha Rex teeth for Boss runs. 4. The new updates to Mammoth and Stego do
  3. Help, Prim Plus CrossCluster 3 The Island has been going down numerous times in the last week for up to 11 hours at a time. At this point in time its unplayable. Did we get moved already? This server was one of the most stable servers in Ark up to a week ago now its crap. What changed? It also contains the Center. So when one goes down they both go down.
  4. @Cedric I was so excited to see attention to the Official Prim Plus Clusters. Since this thread went live things have become very frustrating. The combination of lost characters and uncertainty has about taken the life out of a very dedicated group of players on Prim Plus. Some tribes were so weakened by the lost characters then the intrusion of opportunistic players and no way to defend themselves or their bases they find thenselves questioning both waiting for their characters but more importantly should they even waste the time if their time will be wasted with a wipe. Can we have some
  5. Ok since this thread was posted initially us Prim Plus Players were excited Ced was making us feel recognized. We don't get much attention from Wildcard except for a couple old timers with some sentimental attachments from when it first went live. Then concern overwhelmed us with the thought of all our hard work getting wiped away. So the regular blood sweat and tear Prim Plus people have been trying to come up with the best solution for us mainly since we are the ones being affected. We have had great discussion in discord etc. How about this @ced? How about you create your ne
  6. I have been playing Ark since it first released. Played all the different mods and platforms. With this in mind I truly believe Prim Plus is what I visioned Ark to be when I first witnessed it. It would be against all that Prim Plus is made up to blend it in with the main game UNLESS you could turn off the tek line for that particular Prim Plus Server. So we could still get the benefit of additional content but without tek tier additions. Now if that is not possible then I and the dedicated members of the Prim Plus servers would be happy to just play on our stable servers as is and just
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