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  1. Not positive, but I think the oviraptor can do that.
  2. This keeps lag lower in game. Though it is annoying it maintains the games fps. If the players were to be able to travel anywhere on the map on the same console it would be too much rendering for it to handle and would likely cause the game to crash. Good thought though.
  3. This creature is medium sized with rough skin and 1-2 horns on its nose. Paleontologist believe it had brows above the eyes similar to the Allosaurus. The creature is a well known theropod and has been a favorite of mine for a while now. This creature generally could run 20-30 mph. The creature is commonly 1,200 pounds or 0.6 tons. It has 4 fingers and is roughly 15-19 feet tall or 4.9-6 meters. The Ceratosaurus is a carnivorous creature that mainly hunts small herbivores but would also attack larger ones such as the Triceratops. The Ceratosaurus tended to live in forests and planted areas during the late Jurassic. This would be a fun creature to be added to the Ark and could be another smaller source of keratin. Image of unreleased Ceratosaurus dossier
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