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  1. It would be nice to have some of these issues fixed... I think it's absolutely shameful that they are selling Genesis Win10 version when you cannot even hear the dialogue... I also think it's shameful they are selling Extinction for Win10 when it's basically unplayable.
  2. This is a known bug that is caused by alt-tabbing or changing display/graphics settings while playing. You have to exit the game and log back in again in order for it to fix itself. They have had MANY people reporting this issue for Win10 version of Ark for YEARS and have done nothing. The windows 10 version of ark is absolutely horrendous and it's shameful.
  3. It's totally worth it if you play on a server with no lag or singleplayer. I'm quite amazed at how amazing Extinction runs on my series X. The loading times alone are the real benefit though.
  4. If you whistle dinos(which are inside the leash circle) to follow you or another dino which is outisde of the dino leash circle and then you mount&ride the dinos in the leash circle to outside of the circle(while they are still following the original "outside the circle" target) then when you go out of render and back into render of the leash those following dinos will still think they are "locked" in the circle and all kinds of wacky stuff starts happening. Dinos flashing in and out of existance, completely disappearing, or just stopping in their tracks. Turning off the offending din
  5. Extinction DLC is basically unplayable on windows10 version of Ark(crossplay microsoft store version): - textures for the sanctuary structures are constantly flashing between different states/resolutions - sanctuary buildings will render with a low quaity mesh making the city look absolutely horrible - map can't be used because it wont render in full resolution - same for the GPS most of the time - bushes, tree foliage, ground clutter pops in and out of render all over the map. - can't hear audio cues for element veins or OSDs(on top of the fact that dynamic music &
  6. Wow, I recently switched over to the Extinction DLC with the xbox peeps I play with... Extinction on Windows10 is in an a horrible state. Like basically unplayable. As bad as Cyberpunk on XboxOne. Just shameful. It's so obvious that WC don't give a poop about the windows10 version...
  7. We had another 8gb patch with no fix to any of these issues...
  8. I believe you need to use either an xbox or a nitrado dedicated server in order to have a crossplay dedicated server.
  9. The taming tracker listing appears to be broken after this recent update which tried to "fix" it.
  10. There is a client-side bug causing surface reapers or reaper queens to become invisible when they come out of the ground. If you fly out of render and come back you may then see the reaper(sometimes when the reaper goes underground and surfaces again it may also fix the issue). This is a client-side issue as only some players will not see the reaper while other players can. Please fix as it makes Aberration on the xbox/win10 very annoying.
  11. Yet another 22gig patch, but no fixes to any of these obvious issues. Just sad.
  12. Would be nice if I could actually hear the boss music which also doesn't work on windows 10 version of Ark...
  13. ... too bad I was on the win10 version with no dynamic music The fireworks were awesome though.
  14. Would really like a fix for the music and HLNA bot's voice... can't even hear the xmas music when raptor clause is flying overhead... sad times.
  15. This is not really a bug? Basically, what you want to do is pay for a dedicated xbox server and make sure the crossplay option is enabled. Windows 10 version of Ark has some annoying bugs and the graphics are pretty rough compared to the steam version. I've been playing it in order to play with other peeps on their xbox's.
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