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  1. Chapter 9 has now been updated and is complete.
  2. Facebook has become impossible to post anything let alone any of my stories due to their becoming a propaganda site for the current administration. I can't even post them on my own page or the Ark share your story page anymore due to their ultra sensitive policy of protecting readers from being offended. Anyhow, the chapter as of May 28 is now complete. Chapter 9 The Viking South. It is later that afternoon when a flock of dragons that have interacted with the survivors, arrive to have a visit with them. “We want to go exploring with you,” Flame tells the group. “L
  3. Chapter Eight. Rocky’s Lost Past. Dr. Sanders has come over to see Tod and his new dragon friend. “You were right when you told me that raising raptors from their eggs was going to be a pain in the rear.” he tells Tod. “Those two are nothing like what I saw in that Jurassic Park movie, they are brats. Damn, they just hopped over the fence again to head for parts unknown.” “Dad, help me catch these guys,” Tod asks him. After a bit of chasing around, the two infants are cornered when they run into Rocky, who has blocked their escape with his body. Tod then accesses their behavio
  4. Love that Rage Quit. Actually, it should have happened after the player had lost 2,000 hours of work to a high level Alpha Rex. On a server hosted game, I had to punch that Alpha Raptor in order to get it's attention when Ark spawned me into the wrong location on The Center. I finally had to start a new character in order to get into the location I wanted to start in. One can certainly level up quick if they can successfully take out an Alpha.
  5. Chapter Seven. Exploration of The Crescent Island. Back at the dig site, the mining of metal ore continues to go smoothly. It is being processed in the on site forges into metal ingots which weighs about half of what the ore does. Obsidian, and crystal are also harvested. They are packed on the two Stegos where they are shuttled to the rafts. As the foursome are waiting on the refining forges to process the raw ore, Michael has asked Tod to do some exploring with him of the nearby area. “Is there a cave near here?” he asks Tod. “If this is like my game map, there will be
  6. Chapter Six. Exploring the Crescent Island. It has been quite a night with Tod, Dr. Croft, Michael and Caroline spending the night on the roof of the barn with the two dragons. The night has been clear with Northern lights showing over the snow capped mountains of the far North. It has been a quiet night with even the Troogons keeping their distance due to the presence of the dragons. In the morning light, Tarmac takes off to the desert island to find Tod a Doed for rock mining. A taming pen is constructed as Mary and Caroline work on the tranc darts. Dr. Sanders has fina
  7. Chapter 5. Dr Croft’s Fantasy Friends. It is early morning when two rather large flying creatures are spotted by the morning watch flying in under the rising sun. “Tod, were there dragons in your game?” asks Michael in alarm. “Yes,” answers Tod. “They lived in a place called the world scar on the far end of that desert island. Why do you want to know?” “Because, I can see two of them flying towards us.” answers Michael with concern. “That is not their normal behavior in my game,” reports Tod. “They never stray far from their home in the World Scar. Something is going
  8. Chapter 4. Our Homestead in this Prehistoric World. With three newly tamed raptors, the taming party heads back to the thatch huts. “They will not be able to carry much weight and have low stamina until we can level them up.” warns Tod. “Lets leave everything other then our bolas and weapons back at camp.” “How’s Dr. Sanders doing?” Tod asks Dee as she comes out of the thatch hut. “He is still quite upset at nearly becoming raptor food,” reports Dee. “At least his scrapes and bruises are starting to heal up.” “We’re going out to explore this island with the raptors,”
  9. Chapter Three. Our first night on Ark. It is around noon as a campfire is cooking up the raw meat from some more compys. “What do you think that it will taste like, chicken?” comments Julia as she is tending the fire where the strips of raw meat are cooking over a spit. “Given that my research suggest that birds evolved from the dinosaurs and that the compys are about their size, it may very well taste like chicken,” answers Dr. Sanders. “We now have the ability to craft the bow with arrows,” reports Tod. “Are they going to be any good for hunting and our defense?” a
  10. Chapter Two. The Land of Tunguska It is early the next morning as Michael is the first one to wake up from whatever it was that render everyone unconscious. He finds himself lying naked in the sand, face up, on the sandbar of a strange looking tropical island. The sandbar he is on has several palm trees growing on it as well as palms that are uprooted and laying in the sand. Branches and palm fronds litter this beach along with shells, driftwood, and small stones among some larger boulders. It is a beautiful morning with puffy clouds in the blue sky as he struggles to sit up, then
  11. A totally new adventure using the same characters in a current 2020 setting. Tunguska, a land lost in time. A story of a group of friends traveling together on an unusual vacation to Bermuda during the turbulent times of 2020 that end up lost in the Bermuda Triangle. The story is based upon the popular dinosaur survival game known as Ark Survival Evolved. The map is a user created mod named Tunguska, a series of islands that formed as a result of an asteroid impact upon some unknown world trapped in the prehistoric past. Characters in this adventure; Michael a
  12. Chapter 39 A most interesting return. “What happened?” asks Willard Croft. “You were only gone for less then a minute.” “What do you mean we were gone only for a minute?” asks Farrell. “We were in Westboro for over a week. Where’s Leader and Firefox?” “They are at the Egyptian Village,” answers Willard Croft. “Why do you ask?” “They were with us in Westboro,” answers Sandra. “Just what is going on here?” “Lets get back to Stargate Command and find out,” answers Willard Croft. Back at Stargate Command, a most puzzled Ahab comes out to greet Dr. Croft, Farrel
  13. It all depends on how you want to handle the story. My current one The Stargate and the continuation Return Through the Stargate That I just posted another chapter on, doesn't mention loot crates. Stargate is an adventure that explores the discovery of a buried Egyptian temple of unknown design with an unknown purpose. It explores in detail dragons and their interaction with the explorers. There are currently 38 chapters in two separate postings. Others that I have done does include loot crates and the mystery of the Specimen Implant. The Cave of Quang Binh Provence combines the Vietnam W
  14. Chapter 38 Farrell goes on a vacation. Back at Stargate Command, Captain Margaret has been studying an ancient world with a midevil theme. She brings her observations to the attention of Dr. Croft. Farrell is soon joining in with a great deal of interest. “Oh My Gosh!” exclaims Dr Croft when she sees the recorded videos of this strange world. “I never could imagine that the fantasy world of Westeros would actually exist.” “Helena has established contact with a fishing village on the bay where the Iron Isles are located,” reports Ahab in their meeting. “The locals are inte
  15. Three other hints; 1. Light Shafts and Bloom can also be turned off in your Game Settings before playing. 2,. Before you pick up that Explorer Note, get on a tame, such as a Pteradon, and ride up to the note to activate it. Both you and your tame will get the benefit of obtaining the note. It is a quick way to level up your tame as well as the survivor. 3. Pegos will steal what is on slot 0 on the hot bar. If you have mejoberries there, they may passive tame for you when they steal them.
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