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  1. [XB] Laurasia Roleplay Server Prim+

    UPDATED 11/14
  2. The server is called Laurasia - the server is PVPVE for now unless there is drama- it is base on Ragnorak- I bought this server Mainly so i could build and others be able to enjoy the builds there will be area marked as neutral zone and they should be respected as they are my builds for the whole community to use ! The idea behind Laurasia is similar to Pangea- and is medieval! Unlike other Roleplay servers you can be a Jack of all trades. I will not limit which engrams you can learn you dont have to wait for a builder or a stablehand ... just play Admin GT - ShroudedDravyn 24/7 Nitrado Server 20 slots a adequate amount to keep lag down I will Also be doing Events PVE and PVP which could earn you some wild crazy free Dinos. [US] Laurasia RP - Boosted TamingSpeedMultiplier=8.0 HarvestAmountMultiplier=10.0 XPMultiplier=5.0 Are Currently the Main settings there are other which are also up Please remember the Laurasia is a ROLEPLAY first before raid ever There is a Discord channel coming soon where all players should resister their character with name, specimen ID# and your intended profession ( jack of all trades?, Farmer Merchant ETC ) Stay Tuned for more updates Until then here is the facebook group
  3. Ahhh where have u been the titanosaur and all that has added ages ago to Xbox.
  4. Scorched Earth Technical/Detail FAQ! (Ongoing)

    @Jeremy Stieglitz. What about allosaurus? On second.. if ur putting the taper bars on it why not the allosaurus how we we suppose to properly tame them. Same issue with ankys and stuff no..... Dilos no kibble.... But u have put the parasaurs on a map with almost no water and yet they are one of the few that only makes really sense to exist where there is ample water... Either animals need added or alternative kibble needs to exist for scorched earth only