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  1. It must be recent, every ticket I've ever submitted had the same canned response that they won't do it. And yeah I'm peeved we got screwed out of the event.
  2. Arthur they aren't going to replace your gear or dinos. They never have. You just had bad luck transferring your stuff in. Just want them to fix the server crashed. If they do you'll stop losing stuff
  3. If the server host is worth any salt, there will be a backup before any corruption. Whenever that may be. I can't believe it's still crashing like this though. Devs need to turn the server OFF until they can fix the issue. And whoever the admin was on the chat, do you have a screenshot of what was said?
  4. yeah, it's been three times in a row. Stays up for a minute, then poof, gone again. It really sucks because not only can no one get anything done, but also we have been screwed out of the 2x weekend. hard to tame or breed anything let alone build when the game is always crashing.
  5. Qu33n0f1c3

    TheCenter: Public Testing [PC/Steam]

    Frank you need to disable obelisk transfers. People are bringing in very high level single player dinos.