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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
    • Jatheish

      TLC Update - Ragnarok 'Puzzle' Cave.   03/20/18

        In our most recent Ragnarok Update, the puzzle cave was revised so that it would no longer allow survivors to build within it. Due to this change, player structures found in this location were removed and some dinos became stuck. We will not be rolling back our servers at this time. We would like to keep rollbacks limited to major service-wide disruptions going forward due to complications caused by CrossARK and Tribes (part of being a multi-server persistent open-world survival game). Later today, we'll be rolling a server update which will allow survivors to build in this area for an additional week so that players can move their creatures via a transmitter or teleporter. After the 27th of March, this will no longer be possible so please use this time to remove your creatures swiftly. Console players, please use this time to move out any creatures or structures you have in this cave because once the update hits, you'll no longer be able to do so! Thank you for your patience and ongoing support, survivors!


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  1. It must be recent, every ticket I've ever submitted had the same canned response that they won't do it. And yeah I'm peeved we got screwed out of the event.
  2. Arthur they aren't going to replace your gear or dinos. They never have. You just had bad luck transferring your stuff in. Just want them to fix the server crashed. If they do you'll stop losing stuff
  3. If the server host is worth any salt, there will be a backup before any corruption. Whenever that may be. I can't believe it's still crashing like this though. Devs need to turn the server OFF until they can fix the issue. And whoever the admin was on the chat, do you have a screenshot of what was said?
  4. yeah, it's been three times in a row. Stays up for a minute, then poof, gone again. It really sucks because not only can no one get anything done, but also we have been screwed out of the 2x weekend. hard to tame or breed anything let alone build when the game is always crashing.
  5. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    Sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about. Dev asked for opinions, so I gave mine.Thats all there is to it.
  6. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    I don't understand your logic or why you're so intent on bothering me about my opinion. I'm not going to change my mind on it.
  7. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    I edited my post for redundancy and spelling mistakes. But it doesn't change my opinion. No need to be rude. I know what I said. I understand it. It's how I feel.
  8. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    I didn't skip anything. I addressed it in my post.
  9. Re-balancing the Fliers, Mk. 2!

    I don't know a single person in PvE who lived permanently on quetzals in the sky. The flying mechanic with platforms is too glitchy, especially when carrying Dino's. What really bothers me about all this is you, Jaylt, and the other devs, telling us how we should and shouldn't play. I get that PvP needs balancing. And that's your core experience, that's fine. But PvP is NOT PvE. There is a REASON I chose PvE over PvP. There's already stuff we can't do, like pick up wild Dino's, so WHY are PvP balances being forced on us pve players? I play for fun, to breed, I only tame when new stuff comes out, then I breed. The oven servers I played on were communities. We all helped each other. We would trade kibble or fert eggs or stud out our male Dino's. Now, it's almost impossible to do all of that. We can't fly far from base, it's a chore to help someone out now. And on top of it all, we have you telling us how we should and shouldn't play. Pve is not PvP. Stop treating us the same. There's no need for all these balances on pve as no one is fighting each other. All this has done has made a lot of people quit, I'm pretty much stuck in the back of redwoods on the center, and trading and helping has halted. All everyone does now is complain, and I want to tell them to have faith in the devs, but even I am losing faith. If it takes a half hour to fly across the map, I'd rather spend that half hour in another game where I can actually make progress... And that makes me sad, because a game that inches helped my depression by taking me to a fantasy world is now just stressing me out.
  10. TheCenter: Public Testing [PC/Steam]

    Frank you need to disable obelisk transfers. People are bringing in very high level single player dinos.