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  1. Look guys, I am upset too.. But things happen that you can't control.... If you found out last minute about a family matter or something else similar, what would you do? I'm not sure what will happen, but I won't stop playing (even now that I've got doom, Skyrim, & assassin Creed syndicate) and I will be patient. My favorite tomb raider game took 4 plus years to complete, but a good game takes time. Be greatful that we get to test it out before it's huge release. I really hope WC didn't loose anyone (like an illness or injury or death) because I know that it can affect yourself.... I am wishing everyone a wonderful Samhain or Halloween ; also a safe journey home to WC's founders!!
  2. As someone who joined very recently, I can't be sure of how many people are really on. Please understand that my facts could be off a bit, seeing as it's not my server. Thank you. But we could definitely use more women on the server, cause we only have 2.(including myself in that) if you want to talk more, we can message each other on here I think.
  3. There are currently 18 people that I know of, who are on the server. It's meant as a peaceful server where you have houses, house wars, trading, and the such set in a medieval Era. I've just started on the server with my sister, but once we get more people, more things can happen.
  4. Until then, I know that the Xbox server I've been on won't be wiped until the actual update day. One it's an RP server, two there is an application (so to root out the trolls & people who want to watch the world burn), and three We Need More MAIDENS! MidNightxWo1f is hosting the RP server. My sister and I are the only 2 females. When primitive plus releases, then it'll be wiped, but until then you can try to get used to the RP if you are new to it, like me. * as someone whose pc can't handle ark on it, I'm grateful that they have been working on the Xbox version as much as possible. I hope that it doesn't take longer than the 2 weeks, but if it does, then allow them to fix the bugs ahead of time. Maybe Q&A found some bugs that make the game unable to launch? Anyway, I am not going to complain - I'll help when I can, so other players don't fall out of the world if I find a glitch. Peace out.
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