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  1. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Would you consider implementing a version of the stacking mod into the base game? I think it would be dope to edit per item stack size and weight
  2. Join session wait time

    You are a legend!
  3. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Do you have plans of implementing a “Stacking Mod” of sort and allow us to edit item stack sizes for us Dedicated hosts
  4. So I have no idea why but for about the last year I haven't been able to open obelisks or supply drop because it crashed ark. The underground/water loot drop I am able to open oddly enough though. Has anyone had the same problem or have a way of fixing this?
  5. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Come the release very soon I wanted to bring this up again, Would you please add the stacking mod into the core game? You could possibly remodel the engrams tab to have every item and by selecting one you could edit stack amount and weight. Thank you in advance
  6. Per Item Carry Scale

    I only say weight because people like to host in ways ways that they like and manipulating stack size could be pretty cool, as ofc all settings would be player dedicated and controlled by the owner
  7. Per Item Carry Scale

    Ok so in the settings I'm sure everyone has seen the engrams tab listing all of the engrams we have, what I propose is that they add every item onto that tab and allow players to mess with max item stack size and weight per item, this would eliminate the need for stacking mods and would awesome to see before ark's full release!
  8. I think that items should have a decay rate. If they do not log in for a week decay would begin and the structure would slowly lose durability for as long as they don't come back. That would at least clean up all the players that build a poop shack our pillars and log off without intent to come back.

    Well "It's early access". We are lucky that they hadn't just said they were doing a dinosaur survival game and proceeded to develop in the dark but instead allowed us to play during development. Sure, Ark is not a well optimized game but hey, they are putting this content in first and fixes later because then the devs would be a bigger picture. This has been an awesome experience being here to watch as Ark continues to expand. Alas the the game is almost ready for release and they will be putting out optimizations before that. The problem here, it would have been a bad play trying to optimize as they are developing because more updates means more performance problems and memory leaks that come with games to this scale. I believe that them putting all the content that they had been intending to do should have been put in before any big optimizations because at this point Arks content is coming to a close and performance updates are inbound because they can now look at the game that has everything that they had intended and will now fix all of the problems they have been lacking on. I don't know much about programming or game design but I would think that it would be way easier to pump out all the content that you and your team have been meticulously planning and optimize later because, as i said earlier, the more content the more bugs and exploits. In all and all I love what this game has done so far and it's a sad time seeing that it is coming to an end but i trust that the devs know what they are doing with their game I'll be back to edit this, sorry if it sounds like gibberish i'm still pretty tired
  10. Two xboxes

    Consoles are simply not strong enough to host individual servers for 30-50 other people on an open world while simultaneously playing, recently there was a bug that allowed for the tether in non-dedicated to not properly work allowing all players to roam freely at the cost of the game locking up on its self every 30 seconds. Our best be would be that wildcard either host rentable servers or allow us to host our own servers on our superior pc's Edit: The game would lock up to 2-3 people, Imagine in the upwards of 20!
  11. Two xboxes

    This is not new information
  12. PVP Ragnarock 5x Server

    Weird, last time the server I played on we got to 35 and then everyone from that point were unable to join. Thanks for the update!
  13. PVP Ragnarock 5x Server

    Player Cap is 35
  14. I would love to join this server! Quick question though, what the rule on bringing your mates along? GT: Hydra Inkd
  15. Useless UI ( new patch)

    I find it pretty easy to maneuver around the new UI but it will take a bit of getting used to