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  1. Inky

    Leeds. Need to nerfed or the rafts need a buff.

    I don't think leeds are all that bad but the sheer amount of them in the ocean is absurd, I think that they should dwell in deeper water (you know, not in the shallow water by the beaches) and there should be a hard cap of them in ocean regions
  2. Unfortunately that would be due to all the textures that have to be loaded and the way WC handles texture storing. Pretty sure the only way we could get a significant boost would be if WC went and TLC'd map textures lol
  3. Inky

    Cosmetics ?

    Also the skin system could seriously use some love, the skins should be bound to the player and used from a drop down menu rather than taking up so much inv space
  4. Inky

    Cosmetics ?

    I would like to see more cosmetics for sure, hell, I would pay for them if they were sold in bundles of like 4-5 instead of those single ''tek dino' skins they got right now
  5. Inky

    New raiding meta?

    I think its the pachyrhino might cover more of the rider so you don't get shot off or something
  6. Inky

    Ark 2 Mythological creatures.

    Deep Sea Leviathan would be cool but im having a hard time seeing what, if any special utility any on these will bring to the table Edit: Except maybe the Banshee
  7. Inky

    How addicted to ARK are you?

    1837 hours (76.5 days) on the game
  8. First impressions of the server were truely enjoyable. Unlike other servers I have played this is truely unique
  9. Inky

    idea Ark survival: the edge

    I think that the artic tent is like 2-2.5x bigger than the scorched counterpart and it could actually fit a tiny base
  10. Inky

    idea Ark survival: the edge

    Just as a fyi, it’s Artic Hare not hair
  11. Inky

    Dino wander range

    This can be handled a few ways in base game: Behemoth gates and wander Whistle follow ad Dino to another setting range to max range and wander I do see your point though, while there are workarounds being able to set a patrol perimeter of sorts without any outside help is a pretty cool concept
  12. Inky

    Pve get wild dinos

    With the TLC going on, this is a perfect time for them to take another look!
  13. Same thing for scorched, Prim+ wasn’t made to be compatible with future dlc thus doesn’t have them.
  14. My apologies, didn’t see the quote as a quote