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  1. yo thicc boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, it is the rock drake
  2. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    How many, if any, dinos do you guys plan on releasing after the full game is released?
  3. Community Crunch 93!

    tisk tisk it is the pink ranger that has the pteranodon as its zord tisk tisk my dude
  5. Ichthyornis - pro and cons

    Con: you cant get your poop back, unlike the pegomastax even if it was a non consumable item >.>
  6. ARK Digest Question Submissions!

    you can set personal waypoints by hitting P when you map is open
  7. PVE Kapro, Squid and Megalosaurus grabbing

    i want me mah grabby grabs back :c i really miss being able to bring passive tames back to base so they don't get bopped by a random raptor halfway trough the tame and reset the tame. Also megalosaurus was super great for being able to tame tapejaras since tapejaras are super skittish!
  8. Max Tamed dino limit

    Hello, on my server, along with many others from what I hear, we have hit the tamed dino cap. It is a real pain to have to ask people all across the server to sacrifice their dinos so that everyone can tame new ones. I was hoping that the devs could increase the limit again. It would help out alot!
  9. Introducing the Equus!

    ooooo ooooo can we get a wagon too?!?! hook up like 4 of these to it and carry goods and such? I wasn't really a fan of the horse thing but the saddle part should be interesting like a mobile chembench/mortar and pestle?
  10. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Since there is already one disease (swamp fever) and I am guessing that there are going to be more diseases added, I was wondering if you are going to add hazmat suits for handling diseased animals?For instance if someone dropped a diseased dodo in your base you could equip the hazmat suit and dispose of the biohazard before anyone in the tribe gets infected. Or if someone in your tribe is already sick with the disease, you could take care of them before the sickness spreads.It could also be used for setting up your bioweaponized dodos so you don't get constantly sickened and have to keep making antidotes to cure it.
  11. Community Crunch 54 and ARK Digest 36!

    I was wondering if you guys would add ant mounds, kinda like beaver dams, where you could get a bunch of sap instead of paste in them, but then you would have to fend off a small colony of ants? (maybe 10-15?) I feel like this could be a cool idea to add it to the redwood biome since it is pretty big and has alot of distance between each of the trees.
  12. *requires 100 candles for 1 cake* ;-------------------------------------; just waiting for it :c