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  1. The "single player settings" box boosts dino's stats dramatically.
  2. How did you get a base stat of 413 melee to 1348 leveled up? are your stats boosted? By far the best way to level dinos is to kill giga babies in mass. Gigas give 6x more exp than rexes of the same level. It's insane how fast the levels are in this method. A high level giga naby literally gives more exp than a max level alpha raptor. If you don't have gigas, use yutys instead.(And if you are doing a boss obviously you have yutys)
  3. They are definitely not inferior, the sheer offensive capabilities of a giga dwarfs a theri. They have dramatically better damage, AoE and have functionally infinite stamina.
  4. this issue is infuriating and apparently it is not being addressed
  5. Mating interval keeps resetting So, in my single player game on Xbox, whenever I log off, the mating interval resets to the value "1". No matter how many times I switch it to what I want it, every time I log on the mating interval resets back to 1x.
  6. Mating interval keeps resetting So I am recently having this issue where, in my single player game, my "mating interval" setting continues to reset to "1.0" every single time I log on, and I have to change it literally every single time I turn on the game.
  7. Mating interval keeps resetting I am having an error where literally every time I change the mating interval in my single player game, it immediately resets to "1.0" every single time. It is infuriating.
  8. I mostly just wanted to confirm it was on standard settings, rather than being boosted or something.
  9. 60k hp and 1900 melee?? Is that even possible on standard settings?
  10. Lol or you could try explaining yourself more clearly? What you said was simply explaining the results of changing BOTH the maturation rate and imprint interval, in conjunction with this change. I was aware of those, but like I said: so people getting 100% imprinting super early in the maturation would happen, because the game's imprint affinity did not adjust based on the maturation rate changing the imprint interval, it would treat it as though it was the same imprint interval when it wasn't. WITHOUT changing the imprint interval, is what I was talking about being a welcome change, not this awkward combination that results from trying to adjust the imprint interval and having the imprint interval automatically adjusted based on the maturation rate that you chose.
  11. You should read what i said more carefully if this is your response
  12. My interpretation was that they made the imprint interval automatically optimized for your maturation rate, which would be a welcome change. Of course, changing the imprint interval slider at would raptor this up
  13. They do significantly more damage than a Rex, run faster,, swim faster, and have a better effective turn radius.
  14. I get enjoyment out of reading what everybody is up to in the game. So yes, I read it frequently. Gives me ideas of what to do in the game too.
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