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  1. I tried to breed mosas for the first time since they made the change regarding the babies wandering. What happened, was that the babies would just spawn INSIDE of the mother, and would stay there, so that I had to move the mother to see the baby. It use to be that, the baby would be born, and then start swimming around within the water pen that I have, and I wouldn't have to move the mother. And, every subsequent baby born, is born inside of the previous baby, becuase they don't wander, they occupy the same space. So not only do you have to move the mother to see the babies, but the babies li
  2. So, first I'd like to give some kind of a background on my situation so people can get some context when I talk about the single player issues we had on xbox. I had four different bloodlines; Spino, Rex, Mosa, and Giga, where I had 10+ mutations on each bloodline, each dinos hatching at level 280+and when my main base on my server got wiped, I lost the best of all of those bloodlines, and I was ready to quit because I didn't think that I had a way to recover the dinos that I had bred dozens of generations with, even if I knew that creative mode would allow me to relatively easily re-make the b
  3. No your information isn't worthless at all
  4. So, it use to be that, when using the remote controller on the Xbox app, I will have it open, but open the admin commands with "A" on XBOX, which prompts the keyboard to come up in the Xbox app allowing me to copy/paste things into the admin command bar. Now, the keyboard absolutely refuses to pop up and im unable to copy/paste things onto the admin command bar anymore and I dont know why
  5. As far as I can tell from a quick search, it spawns in a dino and then force tames it, making it impossible for me to actually spawn in the specific stats I want because the 1.5x bonus is completely randomized. So this doesn't really help me, I'm back to square one.
  6. Oh hell yeah! I didn't know that existed. Can I specify gender too?
  7. I am on single player, trying to quickly as possibly recover what was taken by the horrendous technical failure that caused me to lose my entire the center save. So no, I dont care if its not allowed on official.
  8. So obviously we know that, in order to get mutations you need to be breeding on a massive scale, as large as possible because mutations have a fairly low chance of occurring. I heard that you could just use a tek transmitter to upload dinos that will be inside of each other when you upload them, but whenever I so that, my game immediately crashes so this doesn't seem to be an option unless there is some nuance that I am missing, or I am limited by the power of my Xbox one X. So then, what IS the best way to cram females together for mass breeding?
  9. So there is hope! So, I definitely didn't use the "quit" on the ark app, but I'm fairly certain, although not entirely sure, that I just turned off the xbox immediately upon spawning in and realizing that all of my stuff is gone. When you say "immediately" did you mean, without spawning in? Because if spawning in makes it too late, then I'm screwed.
  10. Yup. They've failed to fix it. More than two thousand hours of my life evaporated into thin air. Here's their announcement on it: "We've made some progress on the issue affecting single-player saves after testing the fix and have submitted the path for certification. Unfortunately, we will not be able to retroactively restore any save files that were lost with the update and for that, we apologize sincerely. We understand how detrimental and impactful this is to those who have lost their progress. There are now new measures in place to prevent these occurrences from happening
  11. I already uninstalled and reinstalled. Is that bad?
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