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  1. There is no slider for it? Basically there's no hope for xbox players?
  2. Fixed for people like @Cymas that want the difficulty to be the same as on official servers
  3. Can this be fixed? Can't you just do a setting that makes the player do 1/3 damage and the enemy does 1.43x more damage?
  4. I think you mean that they take 300% damage, not that they take 300% more damage. They take 3x damage, not 4x
  5. They get 40 hp per level so a mutation gives 80 hp.
  6. No, 27K imprinted HP is not a thing. If you imprint a level 1 Giga it gets 33K health. So it is not "actually pretty low" but rather it is impossible for an imprinted giga to have that little hp. If the giga has 27K hp, it must have been hatch. assuming that tamed it had 19K health, it would require 100 health mutations to reach 27K. This is do-able if you have S+ and use the Tek mutator. And placing all 73 levels into health only constitutes an increase of 2.92% health, so the most likely case is definitely that they just got a ton of mutations. But yeah, if there is a common issue that artifacts and loot crates don't respawn, then I don't have that issue because my artifacts respawn normally and I still get loot crates, just not as many as I should.
  7. Okay, so if you have gigas of a normal strength level you will probably need more than 5 then?
  8. I mean, my artifacts have always respawned, so if there is usually any connection, then I may not have that issue.
  9. Well there's something messed up with my game then because there was only a blue/yellow crate. Which makes sense, since on my home map the Center, cave drops stopped spawning a long time ago, so there is obviously something wrong with the cave drops for me.
  10. For some reason when I did both underwater caves and neither had a res drop. I just got a green and a blue drop between the two of them. Hopefully the swamp cave is better to me
  11. By that do you mean "on single player settings" where the dino stats are turned up 2-3x higher or just talking about playing single player in general? 45K health? Oops. I only pumped them to 21K, because I plan to use these same Rexes on the Dragon, and I know there is a DR effect after 21K with the Dragon. I pumped them to around 1K melee instead. Don't know the exact number off hand, but it's somewhere around 1K. I'll take that into consideration with the carno island cave, I didn't know that was a thing, Swamp cave is kind of the go-to for it and I haven't had any luck so far. @Darkholis When you say 15K, 400-500 DMG, those are the hatching stats right? Not the final stats when you take them into the arena?
  12. yeahhh I'm never gonna get to a point where my Rexes are hatching with those stats. That's just crazy. If I ever need those type of stats, I'm just never going to do it.
  13. Possible to do boss fight with primitive saddles? I am currently gearing up to finally take on the boss fights of Ark, I have rexes that hatch with 11K health and 400 melee after some extensive breeding and several mutations. However, the drops are absolutely refusing to drop rex saddle blueprints. Is it possible for me to do it with primitive saddled Rexes and a Yuty?
  14. wait the conversion rate depends on where you are doing the conversion?
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