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  1. I get enjoyment out of reading what everybody is up to in the game. So yes, I read it frequently. Gives me ideas of what to do in the game too.
  2. Interface improvements. Make it faster and easier to transfer things in between inventories. Make Rock Elementals better at harvesting stone, they are currently absolute trash compared to a Doedic and that is stupid considering that they are much harder to acquire. Re-introduce imprinting bonuses giving movement speed/stamina to flyers, you can keep the super low stamina and inability to pump movement speed, but at least make their imprints still do stuff about their speed.
  3. Yes. They absolutely should be this easy to obtain. They solve a myriad of issues that would otherwise exist in the game: 1) Without cryopods you are forced to rely on your flyers much more because other dinos aren't really remotely as portable. Non-flyers just become useful with cryopods. 2) Dinos get stuck in the ground all the time. You can use cryopods to get them out. 3) Easy transport of a dino army, otherwise it becomes a tremendous hassle that is so tedious and time consuming. 4) It allows you to raise baby dinos without staying up all-night continuously. Can just cryopod them and continue raising them in the morning.
  4. ALL of my single player data gone So, long story short, I was intending to turn on creative mode when playing single player, but I had logged in to single player without checking the box. The loading screen is fairly long, and i didn't want to wait the loading screen just to log back out to turn on creative mode. So, I went to my xbox dashboard and I "quit" the game from the xbox menu, then i go back to Ark. When i get back on, ALL of my single player data is gone. My character is gone, they asked me to create a new character, and I go to "download a new survivor" and all of my downloaded characters are gone. Literally everything is gone. Now, for some context, I have literally only ever played single player and I have logged ~1400 hours on it. It is devastating to have to start over on every map. I need some sort of solution to this.
  5. PFM

    Fear Evolved 3

    My Giga mutated into a color that already looks Halloween/Spooky. It is a bright orange color and then black on the top.
  6. turns out the "saveworld" admin command just crashes my game half the time. Though, when it does work, it does give me a way to actually save my progress
  7. Save game on xbox? I'm on xbox single player, and my game constantly keeps crashing. I've lost my best giga multiple times, 4 wyverns, tons of gear from the game crashing and then not saving what happened previously. You have to go back as if you never logged in. Now, I am aware that it is "supposed" to autosave, but obviously if it not saving is possible, then it doesn't save constantly. Is there a way to manually save the game on xbox? I saw "saveworld" as an admin command. for people on PC, but from what I heard it isn't for xbox. I tried reducing ground clutter, as an attempt to put less strain on the machine and reduce crashing, but that unfortunately has not worked. I'm frustrated, just did so much giga breeding just now, then my game crashed to dashboard, and it is treating me as if I JUST started mating the parents.
  8. And you still lost? I have never tried witha normal tamed giga, maybe it HAS to be an imprinted one to win.
  9. I just place a male in the middle, and then I have the females standing in a circle, with one standing directly behind each of them, with the top 30 degrees and bottom 30 degrees of th circle or so, not having anything because they don't breed.
  10. I mean that's only 12 females to one male. I currently have 22 female gigas breeding with my male at a time
  11. Mass breeding positioning Okay, so everybody already knows the conventional mechanics for breeding: Take a male, breed it with as many females as you can until you get a mutation, and then use that male to breed with all of the females, and rinse and repeat. Now, this obviously involves breeding as many females as you can simultaneously. Currently I just put all the females in a circle and place the male in the middle and it breeds with 23 females at a time. Anyone have any ideas how to position the dinos so that you can mass breed more than that?
  12. Yeah that's what I was going to say. Dunkys get an absolutely absurd amount of obsidian, and the nodes are really close together. I just bring a weight Mosa with me and cryo the dunky to get it to the location.
  13. Crash deleted mutated giga Yeah so long story short, as a result of my game crashing for the millionth time, My best giga, with the most recent mutation. I don't want to spend forever getting that mutation back. Is there an admin command for me to modify the melee stat of one of my next babies to have that melee stat?? Or am i stuck being screwed over by the random crashing?
  14. Do you know what they tamed out at?
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