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  1. Just curious if anyone is aware of the problem people are having joining servers. Many threads and many people are experiencing the " cannot retrieve address" bug and it seems to be mostly EU servers when connecting from east coast of USA. Some PS4 players experiencing it as well. It's been nearly 7 days and not a single word has been spoken by anyone with any sort of authority. No workarounds are working, changing Internet connections doesn't work. I've played since game preview and have never experienced this before. 

    1. Evarzell


      Just a word you will be lucky if they answer you.  All who played ark before their super release still had issues with the game they seem not to fix.  They don't answer you, they still have the same issues from 3 years ago.  They know how to hype up people only to let them down with the same issues not fixed.  They just want the money if they cared at all about players they would make better attempts at answering us and being honest not lying about things and use the excuse we changed our mind kinda crap.  People in business like this make honest business people look stupid.

    2. RStrumsworth


      Yeah I know. I'm just posting in as many places as possible in the hopes that someone will see it and relay it to the appropriate teams. 9 days with this issue, all my work is about to decay and all my tames about to starve. Many people with this issue and they won't even so much as acknowledge that it's an issue.