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  1. Hello, i have been watching videos of Ark surival for about 3 months now. i really like this game and i would really really like to play it. problem is i am in a really bad situation facing all kinds of problems physical and mental. for the past 3 months and for the next 3 months i have and will be living off of 20 euros per month. i cannot even afford to eat properly let alone dream about this game.. is there anything i can do for a copy of the game? i could write a 50000000 page review if it so be. PLEASE  ! i will pay you for the copy of the game when im back on my feet

    1. Evarzell


      Are you serious?  First yes there are ways to download it free but not saying here.  The second thing its not worth the money they are only showing you the good stuff not the 80 percent bad stuff.  Wait until they finish the game, take out the bugs and get on your feet.  They hype up people too much on this only to be let down and seeing how you have issues you need to know the truth.  I guessed every move they were going to do before they did it only because I am a business person and its unfair for them to prey on people like you.  Don't worry about the game.  Get yourself together because if you have mental issues now you will have worse after playing Ark its not as easy as those videos make it.  It looks exciting until you can't get on, crash, loose dinos, people destroy your base it can become over whelming especially when you want answers they never seem to reply back to you.  The free download is only on pc just to let you know.