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  1. I play ps4, and a bug showed up after I downloaded the update.  My right side of the screen have black markings/splotches (I have no idea how to say it), but it's not the TV,  because another guy has the same problem. It's not big deal, but it can spook people into thinking to buying a new TV.  Please take a look into this, I would send screen shot, but I dunno how.

    1. Taya666


      I am on xbox I woke up to my single player game no dinos no structures but my character is still on level 91 and my tool bar still has the stuff I last made. After update other day I came on to my character being on level 1. Am absolutely gutted right now do not know what is going on and just tamed male and female Thylacoleo to breed. 

    2. GoodY34R


      I've had that happen to me before, I'm guessing that it is a bug that effects on the big updates hopefully you will continue playing the game. 



    3. a4joker20


      single player bug with queen bee, no drones, queen spawns out of hive, and queen bee doesn't take damage. Chitin cave not spawning creatures.

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