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  1. Hi I transferred my official server character on xbox one and it 

    disappeared and it's not in download ark survivor 

    my name was Thnx NINJA and I was in lvl 78 plz say that you guys can restore it.  I transferred it from a scorched earth server name pve-Eu-Xbox-scorchedearth899 and when I tryed transfer it to pve-Eu-xboxofficial493 I have done this many times but this time it got bugged and crashed and now I can't find my character plz help!

    1. J4CKHER3R


      same happedend here is there anything to do or just not transfer at the moment? Not trying to loose my character as well


    2. Rgage


      Same here. My character is lvl 98. Don't have all to high expectations from the devs though, I've tried reaching out to them before and they apparently have way to much on their plate, making new content to sell, in order to actually go back and fix content they have already released. If they do dignify you with a response it will be "sorry, but Ark is in its beta and problems should be expected" almost as if it's an excuse to why you and I are just going to lose countless hours of hard work. Best of luck to you retrieving your character but personally I'll be leaving for games that don't screw people over more than they help. 

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