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  1. If you want to include pictures to accompany your video entries, that is allowed, you're not limited to either, just that if you're using a video please be considerate of how long the videos are My records indicate that you were given the prize for the June 10th Crunch prior to August 10th. I'll send you an email and we can double check, the next batch of payments should go out soon and it'll include Crunches 100-103 (so Aug 12th and beyond).
  2. The center Server 55 in the new servers on Xbox one has been getting ddosed for 27 hrs have not been able to play can you do anything 

  3. so when is patch 270 being Dropped for PC

    As of right now we're still working on this release candidate, there are some mechanical issues we've spotted that we want to deal with. Right now I don't have an eta, but as soon as I do I will let you know. Sorry for the delay everyone.
  4. so when is patch 270 being Dropped for PC

    We're working with a release candidate now, if this is solid I would say 1 hour, but typically it's always a bit more than that. Hard to be precise until after we've had the RC candidate a bit more and we know what needs to be worked on. Update is still in cert at the moment, it's quite a long one because it's equivalent to retail certification, so they do all the checks, as opposed to the regular certs we have.
  5. Players need to boycott the game no fixes are being made keeps crashing and tames keep getting lose because servers can not handle players that what happens when a company thinks about money not the product. Servers are over crowded and to switch servers keeps crashing,Hill are floating flowers and rocks more and more players are sick of the waiting for hrs just to play on a server as my self waited 4 hrs just to join the server just to get kick out 5 mins later come on Ark team.  Very unhappy with , I feel this is a waste of 60 dollars i could have bought call of duty 


  6. Interesting, it's configured right on our box, as well as showing up on our backend, but there is something going on with it. We're looking into it now and hopefully will have it resolved soon, the box may be faulty.
  7. Hey Jat I'm a long time fan and would like to say you guys in the ark dev team have made a awesome and super successful game~erfulspace117 

  8. They should have these additional servers/maps now.
  9. Interesting, so you've been seeing this crash prior to the latest updates that have occurred. Makes me wonder more if it's temp related and our latest changes/size of Rag is just pushing cards more so than before, therefore having these crashes more frequently. Do you guys do regular maintenance on your PCs, clearing out the dust, making sure the fans are solid, etc?
  10. excuse me ,Can you answer some of my questions?where is the asia pvp severs now?ps 524?or 507

  11. Sweet, thanks. Let's see if we can figure this out! I've just sent you an email.
  12. Thanks for the quick responses guys, unfortunately, that was using the latest fix from Unreal. We're still looking into it, to see if it's a new timing, or the fact that we're pushing GPUs harder in our latest rendering update. Question, has anyone else had success when rolling back drivers?
  13. Great, let me know about the PC and if it repros there, it will be a lot easier to diagnose. No problem, the info is appreciated. If you have access to a computer that can run the game, I can get you in touch with someone on Nitrado's networking side, and we can get the game running to see if there's a connection issue.
  14. The OC Official server 93 is down. 

    1. SpazTazTic


      Official server 93 is still down 21 hrs later

  15. When you say you can offer me this, do you mean you have access to a computer? Yes, we've spoken about that. If you're able to reproduce this issue with your LTE Hotspot on our PC, it will help us when diagnosing this problem.