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  1. Hey, I think ARK2 should have two game builds, one for PVE & one for PVP. My idea is that the nerfs and buffs that are meant to balance PVP shouldn't apply on the PVE gamemode of the game, and the PVE buffs & nerfs shouldn't apply on the PVP part of the game. I think this would help a lot to have a way better experience because lots of PVE players are suffering of nerfs of their favourire creatures even though they couldn't even abuse of their mechanics to kill other players since they are in PVE. In addition to that, the game would then be more interesting since we would have a meta for PVP and one for PVE. I don't think this would be hard to be setup, and it would be a really good feature in my point of view. Hope you understood why i tried to explain LOL.
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