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  1. Clarice Feb 12, 2023, 10:24 AM PST I would like to make a creature idea submission for a future dinosaur. I would like to suggest: The Ornithomimus aka: The Egg Collecting dinosaur. These dinos when tame you place a nest within your egg layers room within range of any egg laying dino and the Ornithomimus goes to collect any dropped egg from your tame dinos and places them within the nest as a storage for the survivors to collect and use to make kibble. This is a perfect idea for the kibble makers of ark. Gathering eggs can be very tedious and the Ornithomimus can be of a big help to survivors of Ark. Please i implore you to add this amazing dinosaur to the wonderful world of Ark. This will be an amazing addition to ark. Here is some more information about the animal. Upon taming of the Ornithomimus you get an option to place a Nest on the ground. One nest per Ornithomimus. This said nest has a radius (kinda like the one from the food bins you can either hide or show), you place said nest within the area of your Egg laying dinosaurs and this dinosaur goes and collects the eggs and places them within the nest for the survivors to collect at a later time, so the survivors can use said eggs the Ornithomimus collected to make kibble. You tame said Ornithomimus as follows: place fertilized egg from the Extra Large and Special Egg Groups in your hotbar, approach a single Ornitho and feed it. Repeat until tamed. This is its kibble method and will tame faster. Once tamed it eats meat, once tame you have an option in its inventory to make a nest this nest holds up to 20 types of eggs up to 99 of a kind no matter the size for about 24 hours then they start to despawn or expire like normal. The survivors go to these nests and collect the eggs, the Ornithomimus stops collecting when the max limit is reached on each nest and starts collecting eggs again once you start removing eggs. There is a pick up radius on said nests that you can turn on and off like the meawings and food bins have. I included the pics of said dino, it kinda looks like an ostrich with fingers on it's wing tips to grab the eggs with, the males have the plumage on the tails while the female does not. Please consider this dinosaur for Ark 1.
  2. First off i do not build all over the place like no one exists (rude by the way of your assumption) i actually have a house i put it near like literally on the porch so yeah. I am not like those jerks who pillar everything, i have a set place where I live. I could make rude assumptions all day long just like you but that is not going to solve the issue, people should not have to build mile high buildings to put replicators and industrial forges in we should be able to build a simple landing off our existing buildings to hold those, i do not like huge buildings i like simple. So please, Next time keep your rude comments to yourself unless you know my situation and stop pretending people don't have rights to safe stuff regardless of where on their land they decide to put stuff. Good bye
  3. Precisely why it needs to be fixed, and Yes i understand about buildings and such but it is wild cards job to fix these issues, plus do you keep say your propane or gas tanks used to power some stoves inside or outside, mine are outside, so yeah, tribes should not have to worry about some rando wasting their stuff. There is no excuse for them not to try to fix their games issues especially if the general public is what funds their employees. If they made it a better gameplay and actually fixed issues brought to their attention the more people would join thus they make more money. Simple business facts.
  4. There have been several issues within ark where your development team has made it so that non tribesman can turn on and off things such as generators, forges, grills, and such. This needs to be fixed so that the tribes belongings are safe. When the non tribesman turn on and of things it kills the supply of gas or element or whatever is being used as fuel that the tribe themselves worked hard to get.
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    ClariceToday at 10:48 Can you please add one more new dino before you abandon Ark 1 for Ark 2 indefinitely. Can you add the Ornithomimus it is an egg collecting dino. That you place a nest down for, it will place eggs in them for the players, making it a bit more easier for egg farms. And i bet everyone will definitely agree this is a good idea. Please put it in the game. I know Ark 2 is coming out next year and that it is only for xbox and pc. But i play playstation 4, and this was my first time being a part of the ark universe, as i joined in June of this year and i will only be able to play ark 1 as i only own a ps4. So please add Ornithomimus the egg collecting dino to ark 1 please.❤ i would greatly appreciate it if you did. ❤❤❤
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