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  1. Yeah I wanna feel like I'm doing stuff just without having to spend 10 hours raising a baby/taming a creature and running back and forth to get 10 rocks at a time.
  2. What are the single player settings vs official? I tried researching that myself but to no avail. The controller setting is a good idea too.
  3. So I've played ark a lot and I learned I prefer single player but I get impatient and end up turning on cheats and running around with a level 1,000,000 Yutyrannus. What have other people found to be the best single player settings? Including Imprinting too because I want to delve into mutations, I work 8 hours during the week and go to school as well, I just play to relax and have fun but I still want to breed and take on bosses but I don't have days to devote to just this game. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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