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  1. Maturation x cuddle times As we are under the event rates on official servers and those rates are 4x for maturation as well, I started to raise 2 argies yesterday. The cuddle time was 8hrs when the eggs hatched. I've cryopoded both to continue the task tonight but Im trying to figure out if I will be able to get 100% imprinting on them with cuddle time being 8hrs?
  2. Cryopod x Dino decay timer Hey, I've searched for a topic where I could find the answer, but nothing came out. So, what about the cryopoded Dino x Dino decay timer? I've read that a dino decay timer is 8 days, but if I put it in a cryopod, can I expect it will last longer? I mean, inside a cryopod which is inside the Cryofridge, I expect that it will last till energy runs out or the structure (e.g. foundation) decay timer runs out. Is that correct?
  3. RafferRG

    Breeding 101

    The breeding system took my attention, as the breeded dinos are so strong and even more helpful. Of course, breeding dinos on official server is something that I don't think I'll have courage to do.
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