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  1. Hi Griffin Thank you for letting me know that, but I am not playing in a tribe just as a single player My game doesnt keep going on when I log off it starts from the begining each time the only time I have anything saved at all is if I dont die in the game at all I have tried so many things in the game and I have realised I have no save at all as I go along this is so annoying as I find alot of things and have them in my inventory and then something kills me and it is all gone again Thank you Shazery
  2. I may have to try to return my game to the shop as I cant save it always back to the start, what sort of stupid game is this that it doesnt have a save button in the game structure I have been online and they said to use RB+LB+X+Y it doesnt work I have tried all the different ways with this no go I am on xbox one X and their is no help with this how crazy to have a game with no save as the game goes on, the only time it saves is when you dont die and leave the game and go back in So dissapointing this would have been a good game but now it is a zero Please dont recommend updates as it has had plenty of hours with updates on Auto
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