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  1. same here. Amazon connection sucks..
  2. it has but the thing is that the ovi. When it picks up the eggs it also eats the
  3. the link you posted is an article from last year my friend, but there is Jeremy on twitter stating now they have more time to work on the client's side. Which is us gamers, on optimization and he also hints around with Xbox, ps4, and Xbox playing together. Jeremy said with the nearing of the completion on tek tier we will have more time to work on the client side. Looking forward on upcoming patches with hopefully 50% optimization in the near future. Then he stated we found in the depths of the game the Dino getting stuck in the tree issue and may have found the Dino disappearing around resources.
  4. I do have a suggestion. Will it be possible to add in for the pc to config the controller style or adapt the controller style from the Xbox version. I find the controller is better to use for me then the keyboard and mouse.
  5. the suggested words comes from Microsoft's word and Cortana. You could use your phone and download the Xbox app and copy and paste the commands you would like to use.
  6. I just say a forum page that if there is a alpha tribe on a server that needs to be whipped place info here. Apparently there is a group that goes out and wipes players out that are unruly. Might want to check it out. Might be the people you need to take that tribe down a notch.
  7. I believe you have to use .005 to added time. Not really sure. Give that a shot. But when it come to the pvp interval multiplier do you want to add seconds for every time they die when killed by another player?
  8. @Jen@Jeremy Stieglitz@Jat I have a question. I enjoy playing on pc and Xbox. But I prefer the control styles of the Xbox. Never been a fan of keyboard and mouse. Is there anyway we can have the controller style mapped like we have on the Xbox when I plug my Xbox controller in the pc to play?
  9. hey buddy, be very gratefull if u could go into a lil more detail regarding server settings with me, im not going live till back end of feb but want to get it spot on so its a great server for pros and newbies also

  10. 6.5 gathering rate I think is enough without making to easy. Weight it depends on what you set it at too much can be too easy at the same time and there won't be a reason to have storage bins. Then there is the eggs. 4.3 on eggs. But you will need male and female to make them drop faster.
  11. alph4scrub

    let's get another
  12. also the server is being wiped because I believe they want to get on the player server dedicated list so people can see them. All I can say is go to all the forum type web sites. Tell everyone to go to the gt is start a lfg on the Xbox .
  13. now your just being mean.. But funny
  14. or Xbox players have a ps4 and felt like giving it to the ps4 players that haven't played it it was like that with the pc players had an Xbox and did the same to us. Most of the time they build a player base friends list on all platforms. And become an alpha tribe in a matter of weeks and take over a server or fresh server. This is how it will be. Gather up all of your friends work together tame together gather together. Each friend should have a job in the tribe. That is how these alpha tribes become and stay alpha tribes. If you don't want to be raided then go to a pve server.