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  1. next maybe around march 16th. If they didn't give us a eta then they are not ready
  2. a trike can help with berries and thatch as well. But you can also learn how to make your own recipes for cooking. For myself I have been playing this game since January 2016 on Xbox and still haven't completed every tame or explore every cave. I became more known as the quetzal breeder on my but having a tribe with team mates helps with cave diving as we in my tribe call it. We even took out the brood mother. And almost got whipped. We went to scorched earth to try to take out the Manta Core. And that is were we the boss fights are no joke. All I have got to say is if you think you are over doing to boss fights with over kill. You might not have enough going in. Over kill is the best way to fight the bosses. We will be doing another boss run today. Hope we make it through. Now with that said. Jeremy has stated on his twitter account with nearing the completion of the tek tier. Now they are going to have more time to fix more issues with the game. Also they are going to be doing more optimising for the client side. That will be the users. That is us. The game is going to be getting more updates, but it will be more on the optimization I hope. And possible cross platform playing in the near future. Like maybe on the full game release day. That would make me so happy.😍
  3. yes you are, you said it doomed as a failure! now for a game that is still being optimized and content and new features being added. Now this it a pretty good game. You sound more like a first person shooter type of player. This might not be the game for you. Since your attention span only goes as far as level 20 or is that giving you to much credit? This is a survival style game. You have to learn to adapt to survive. Gathering materials gets real easy if you know which Dino you need to get it. Might want to learn 🏫 that first before you spout out nonsense LOL. I understand there isn't. A cheat guide book for you to buy at the local game stop or Walmart, but if you live long enough in game. And make friends with local tribes. You will find out what they learned and you can add that to your book of is a free learning experience. Get better at this game kid, or forever be known as a quitter...
  4. I just say a forum page that if there is a alpha tribe on a server that needs to be whipped place info here. Apparently there is a group that goes out and wipes players out that are unruly. Might want to check it out. Might be the people you need to take that tribe down a notch.
  5. right here..lmao!/en-us/games/ark-survivor's-pack/cid=UP0691-CUSA06676_00-ARKPS4BUNDLE1001?smcid=pdc:au-en:webm-pdc-games-detail-ark-survival-evolved-ps4:accessorygrid-:ark-survival-evolved:EP0688-CUSA06782_00-ARKPS4BUNDLE0001 read the description big release spring 2017. Not spring yet... Your post was a random PlayStation site. Please stop with your incorrect information about this game. Read more and find out before jumping to conclusions.
  6. ^^^you're right you should check it yourself.. You are wrong and that my friend is a salty person that didn't know what he agreed to when he purchased the game preview Dec 6th..
  7. sorry had a long day of drama on my
  8. are you sure? They have talked about third person view in the community crunch. That wasn't a secret. But on you host server settings did you not see that engram tab??? They never said they were going to fix the white box that was meant for engram Specific selection.
  9. it was the engram tab, where you can turn engrams on or of while hosting a dedicated server.
  10. wait wait wait.. So people on the PS4 are upset about the ETA, and then say every time..lmao you have been playing for like what two months. Come on guys don't be like salty Xbox players
  11. normally it hit late in the day. But not sure if wild card has something special this go around. Normally when they do it hit all at one time. Like the dlc SE last year. Pc and Xbox got it at the same time. So with this super secret console feature who knows. Only wild card does. We will be sitting here waiting.
  12. if everyone wants to know when the fresh servers will be out. I can give you an idea. When the game is full wipe baby.
  13. not sure as to why. But they have been really quite since the mention of the super secret feature.
  14. you can find it on the first page. But the only thing I know ps4 got was a fix patch to stop some game crashes.
  15. it is called work in aka game preview.. Kid seriously do you not understand when you have a ps4 that has an operating system. That only allows you to play one, one game at a time right.. Ok now add in the factor that a player dedicated server is the operating system saying hey this is a game. What can you do? Nothing the one scamming you at this point is sony for not allowing the ps4 operation system to play two games at the same time. Boom your system just had a melt