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  1. I have a question. Do you know What was the method used for to host the two servers that was buggy for the windows 10 store version. Do you have a link to it?
  2. Is there any chance that the player dedicated server list for Xbox live and PlayStation network going to be fixed as to were the servers hosting can start showing? Or should we sell our extra consoles because it is not going to be fixed at all?
  3. I have a question for the devs, do you know what the issue is with Xbox dedicated server list and how most of us can not see our servers listed? Also the only work around is the gamer tag. My friends list is over 500 friends but only 10 people play on it. It is a pain to add and send invites. And it is even more of a pain trying to remove these players off the friend list while the game is running. So when to you think you will have the connection issue fixed for those who run dedicated servers on Xbox. Oh and I am using the slim so can't say it is the old tech Xbox one. All the ports have bee
  4. @Jen@Jeremy Stieglitz@Jat I have a question. I enjoy playing on pc and Xbox. But I prefer the control styles of the Xbox. Never been a fan of keyboard and mouse. Is there anyway we can have the controller style mapped like we have on the Xbox when I plug my Xbox controller in the pc to play?
  5. hey buddy, be very gratefull if u could go into a lil more detail regarding server settings with me, im not going live till back end of feb but want to get it spot on so its a great server for pros and newbies also

  6. wait wait wait WAIT!! So what wc is saying is we once said dlc would be free to now pay for it. Did someone miss that interview when they started to roll this out. Also the reason to transfer creatures back and forth is to get people that don't have it the urge to buy it. Great marketing strategy. But there is one thing I have to say. Dedicated servers can stop all download creatures.. Just saying..
  7. if the game is not fully released by the end of December. Will we one Xbox consoles be able to use the Christmas engrams before the release. I saw a few images from last years pc versions and would like to also build my winter wonderland this year.
  8. I think it is 60, but each map should hold 100 players. It was speculations' so I am not sure if it is going to be 100 players instead of 70. We will see when theservers go live.
  9. see that means as of right now no, but they are looking at it possibly happening in the future updates to come. Programming a coded game from scratch it a lot harder then you think my friend. Then adding pc mod updates and then turning around and trying to fix those issues makes it pretty difficult. Then adding to other gaming platform with different operating systems. Yep they have there hands full already. We are lucky to even have a glimpse of this game before the full release. And for all of the pc gamers are adding their content as well. If it wasn't for this early access program and the
  10. if you want to give it a shot tomorrow morning I am 100%sure you will be updating to the newest update.
  11. I have only seen the 16th what article were you reading?
  12. Starting a fresh new player dedicated server. PVE on The Center. For all of those who want to join us on our exploration of the center. Hit Alph4scrub gamer tag a friend request and as soon as the map is loaded I will invite all.. Hope there will be enoughroom..lol
  13. as of right now no. Ps4 is getting the SoF only for the time being that Iam aware of
  14. get a better connection or look for a server closer to you. There are multiple reasons why you are experiencing lag issues. For one make sure you are using a wire connection. This will allow lower ping issues. Also make sure you are not running addtional firewalls that slows your connection processes down. Plus if you know how to use port forwarding. Then give your self a hand and educate yourself on opening the ports up.
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