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  1. it is going to happen because people are impatient.
  2. I think it has been a long time since updates made it through this
  3. I think he was joken but then again updates have fallen through time and time
  4. they use to when the cap was 85 last year. Then they were like hey just raise more levels because people were making out on official servers
  5. with every level cap raised on the character the more points you get to spend. You will not be able to learn ever engram that is showen with the amount of engrams points needed. With that said learn to mind wipe. It will help you learn engrams that you need and engrams you will no longer need to know. One man arming the ark will be hard. That is why tribes are important to help with overcoming this issue.
  6. I agree, but only if there were more details regarding our update instead of saying up to pc content such and such. This would eliminate at least 75 % of the confusion and miscommunication. Also there a multiple this that are going on with pc that Xbox doesn't have. For instances we do not have battleye, or NVidia, or truesky. These details in our update information is irrelevant to our eco system. We are closely inline with ps4 eco system then we are with PC. Even right now if you look at Jeremy saying content up to for pc. It is showing winter wonderland content. Which we all know was last month. Maybe you as a moderator could help by reaching out to Jeremy and letting him know it is causing chaos when he does this.
  7. if they did it should of been mentioned on the first page instead of saying content up to pc version such and such. Lack of details equals miscommunication equals complete chaos. do you dis agree? Lol
  8. I understand your feeling. I keep loosing learned engrams and have to keep relearning them. Also the whistling is jacked up. Sometime works sometimes no work.
  9. no there is no mention of Xbox getting a update for prim plus. Only pc is getting the big update.
  10. Jen on twitter said the update was sent this morning at least 6 hours ago.
  11. hard core makes you start over every time. Your character dies. It is the most difficult setting is for this game. It is for those players that want a perfect game.
  12. war paint is not a thing right now. Pc is the only one that can do it. If you didn't see it on this tread more then likely it isn't a thing.
  13. no not until they optimize the game better for your eco system.
  14. turn hardcore mode off.