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  1. Jeremy twitted a teaser for the end game. It is just a pic. But looks interesting.
  2. or I asked between Jen, Jat, and Jeremy to see if we can have the same mapping on the controllers for pc like we have for consoles. Because some pc players prefer the controller over the keyboard and mouse. But it isn't like they would tell us why they did it.
  3. Peta
  4. also forgot to mention. The higher level teir has not been added to the center either. You will have to do normal spawns.
  5. I play on Xbox, and if you are on the center you can only spawn in the monkey and broodmother. All tired can not be done at this time because the map creature has not added them to the map. And yes you can get the tek engrams from them. But only a few times then their is a timer set to when you can get them again. Not sure on the time frame. Might want to keep it weekly.
  6. I was thinking the same here but I was going to launch a forth map every other weekend for a server and that was going to be a battle ground..😁
  7. It's hope and change. Hope and change..lmao
  8. i haven't seen any progress in fixing this issue from wild card. But I am sure we are on our path to getting this fixed in the near future.
  9. it is always a good thing to wipe, because the dinos still spawn inside the map and roam around. Even the bugs. That is were we need the Dino wipes to bring them back up to the surface. I don't think wild card has fix this issue completely. I have even seen dinos drop from the sky. The titana drop is real my 😁 I have seen it rain mammoths last night. And I was like what the heck. Dino wipes are a must until they fix the spawning locations
  10. same here. Amazon connection sucks..
  11. it has but the thing is that the ovi. When it picks up the eggs it also eats the
  12. the link you posted is an article from last year my friend, but there is Jeremy on twitter stating now they have more time to work on the client's side. Which is us gamers, on optimization and he also hints around with Xbox, ps4, and Xbox playing together. Jeremy said with the nearing of the completion on tek tier we will have more time to work on the client side. Looking forward on upcoming patches with hopefully 50% optimization in the near future. Then he stated we found in the depths of the game the Dino getting stuck in the tree issue and may have found the Dino disappearing around resources.
  13. I do have a suggestion. Will it be possible to add in for the pc to config the controller style or adapt the controller style from the Xbox version. I find the controller is better to use for me then the keyboard and mouse.