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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Win10 Crossplay Settings

    What if you mklink the cluster file?
  2. Win10 Crossplay Settings

    Has anyone figured out the crossark for xbox yet?
  3. Cant join NA 56 Again

    Wild card doesn't know how to work the xbox live network. It will keep happening. I suggest finding another game to play. They rather work on all steam network issues.
  4. When running the windows store version. Do you have the graphics maxed out on the host? If so it is like the xbox version and will kill the frame rate on the graphics card. I would first suggest lowering the graphics settings. If that isn't the cast let me know
  5. This is all good knowledge and what I have found is if you use the Ark Server Manager for pc. you can use the settings to build a custom ark for the windows store version for Xbox if you copy and paste the .ini files. Now when it comes to clustering to multiple Arks I am still looking into it. Since wildcard doesn't show how and no one knows at the moment.
  6. Are you talking about the steam version or cross-play? And if using Xbox live version on PC how?
  7. Dedicated server list bug

    I have noticed everything they do is for pc only and then they bring it to consoles if they can. So if it isn't broke on pc it doesn' get fix on consoles, unless you can not play at all on the consoles. They are treating the console players like second class citizens on their game. I believe this TLC patch could brake the consoles since they are not designed for that level of graphics quality. If this makes the game pixalated again I will turn all three servers off. Because I will not go through another down grade because wild card refuses to see gamers on consoles as actual players. The only reason this game has made it past launch at this point is because the modded community keeps the pc servers running.
  8. Dedicated server list bug

    But some how we need to get their attention on this or it will never get solved. @Jatheish has already stated it looks fine on there end, because they are the host. But what @Jatheish and the rest of the devs do not understand is that on a user/ client side is that we are not the host. @GamerPerfection is there anyway you can provide @Jatheish or anyone else on the wildcard team to continue to look into this. I can verify every dedicated server I am hosting has open NAT. And where would I need to send pictures or a video of this game breaking issue?
  9. Is there any chance that the player dedicated server list for Xbox live and PlayStation network going to be fixed as to were the servers hosting can start showing? Or should we sell our extra consoles because it is not going to be fixed at all?
  10. My qiestion is easy but it seems like my ticket will keep going to resolved when it is not. I have three dedicated servers and they do not show up on the dedicated server list. The north American dedicated server list problem has gone on for over a year. Even thought @Jatheish has made the statement in his tweet that they noticed it. But instead of wild card actually go all in to fix this or want nitrado to make more money off off renting. Like I said wild card knows about this bug but does nothing to fix it. And why on earth is battle-eye being descust at the bottom of the screen. Xbox Live and microsoft Are not Valve/Steam. The terminal freezes when trying to join another server in the player dedicated server list.
  11. Windows Pc Dedicated servers not saving

    So have you been able to figure out how to change the permission?
  12. I am wondering if it is possible for the windows 10 version to host a cluster without purchasing a rentable server? also why is the windows 10 version behind an update, it is on v786.2
  13. Xbox Server Options

    Hi @Jat, I run my own player dedicated server with over 8000hrs running. I have a small community of lifers and others that come ago. Here is a short list in details of a few issues. I will add more as my group starts letting me know what they have noticed. I did crash once yesterday but no one knows how it happened. The dedicated player list for those of us being host for their communities? It is hard to keep up with everyone staying on the server and leaving the server..lol I have over 500 friends on my server now and only about 25 play as of right now. It is going to take me a weekend deleting all of those people off the friends list, because that is the only way for people to get on the server without seeing it on the player dedicated server list. I spend about 3 hours using Xbox LFG or more on the weekend trying to get people on my server since they can't see it on the list. Also the server list menu for official, dedicated server, and non-dedicated server list are glitchy. And sometimes it Freezes the console and you can't even dashboard yourself out. You would have to do a hard reset. Just start the game go to join and before it finishes loading all the way back out and go right back in. Bam you are frozen. When in the dedicated player server list it only allows 98 to 84 servers to list on the screen. I am really positively sure there are a hole lot more then that. As Well in any of the lists the ping does not show. I will add more to some issues with bugs in the dedicated server as my community informs me and I can relay it back to you.
  14. Xbox Server Options

    In the players menu in game. Trying to split the item stack like raw meat. It take a few button pushes just to get it to split around 5 or less.