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  1. @Jat would an inventory lock mechanic be feasible? It'd be nice to "lock" certain items so they're not dropped by mistake.
  2. Doom

    Community Crunch 45!

    Intrigued by that screenshot teaser of things to come..
  3. Looks great. Would love to run The Center on my xbox dedicated server. Will it be able to or is this just for official servers?
  4. I doubt that. They already have the main programing of Ark running on the xbox. Sounds more like a marketing decision.
  5. Aliens. Has to be an alien experiment. They're either cataloging earth because it's been destroyed or we're lab rats. I personally think it's a Noah's ark kinda thing.
  6. Love the bionic skins but I'd much rather see dino armor. Think about a a rex in plate mail with a couple turrets mounted next to its head...
  7. My 230 quetz vanished, 190 bronto, 212 rex... Can't even begin to describe the anguish. UI is bugged, spyglass, scope and ironsights screw up light and shadow contrast. Beer barrel doesnt seem to be working unless it takes an unreasonable amount of time to brew. I expect there to be bugs on a work in progress but it doesn't make it easier to swallow when you lose something you're attached to.
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