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  1. Same here. We did her on medium with 16 bred, 90 armor saddles, 100% imprinted rexes, averaging 30-40k health and 700+ melee and still lost the 7 that weren't being riden.
  2. I'm sold. Anything to make inventory management easier to pacify my OCD.
  3. As long as it doesn't block artifact caves it's cool. Msg me on Xbox if you have any questions. They're ridiculously strict about topic bumping on these forums. They consider it bumping if me or any member of the server makes a post on this thread and it can only be done once every 24hrs.
  4. @Jat would an inventory lock mechanic be feasible? It'd be nice to "lock" certain items so they're not dropped by mistake.
  5. My server is boosted but not to the ungodly degree of most of them. A little challenge prolongs the life of the game. Info below: ••••READ ALL•••• Server and Gamertag: D00MLAND •Island map •24/7 PvP/Purge weekends •10x taming •4x experience •4x harvest •No overly aggressive passive Dino killing, I know crap happens during a raid but this is targeting griefers and trolls •Don't "Shock and Awe" raid the little guys. If you're far more advanced leave them be and let them build unless they do something that warrants a butt kicking. •Age 17+ •Baby maturity 10/ Egg hatch 60 •Crop growth 20 •Only ONE admin. I'm completely neutral. I do not raid and when I get time I'm usually spectating or building raid bases. I work a lot of overtime, I'm 32, have a wife and two children so you don't have to worry about a power mad childish admin screwing you over. •PvP is 24/7, structure damage is off during the week to prevent raiding until the Purge. Purge begins on Fridays 3pm EST and ends Sundays 9pm. During purge structures take damage normally and rates are doubled. Your friends are welcome to join but you are responsible for them knowing the rules, rates and having them msg and add the server. FEATURES •Faster resource respawn •Longer days, normal nights •Food drain and water drain at 50% of normal •Boosted character and tame stats. NOT GOD STATS! I will not make them any higher. •I trade for Scorched Earth tames, SE items and Element for tek tier on Saturdays at the trading post on herb island. Currency is black pearls, silica pearls and bush berry seeds. Bush berry seeds are an admin only spawned item and they can only be obtained by raiding bases with a spider flag in front of it. Bases vary in difficulty and are stuffed with other loot. Once it's raided or stays untouched too long I remove the structure so it doesn't hog up building space. Take them on at your on risk. Ask if you have questions and don't raid the trading post. •Public industrial forge in the volcano. •If you become a resident of the server(daily player) and become advanced enough, I'll assign you a challenge, complete it and I'll escort you through a boss fight of your choosing to aquire tekgrams. *Note I* Always message me on Xbox after you add the gamertag. It doesn't notify me half the time when someone just adds it. *Note II* Ping is relative to location and other players connections, server is based in NA east coast and runs on a 60mg connection that's hardwired, so if you're from Australia your ping will be very high, Guys from the UK will also have medium to high ping. Everyone is welcome to join but don't blame my connection if you have lag.
  6. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. It'd be handy for "dropping all" and not worrying about good gear that isn't currently in the hot bar or equipped getting lost.
  7. Would it be possible to add a mechanic to enable us to lock items in our inventory to prevent it from being dropped or transfered until we manually unlocked it? Everyone here knows the pain of dumping a pile of junk when you're over encumbered and you accidentally throw out something important and then you have to shift through or re-pickup said junk to find your item again. Anyone else think this would be super useful?