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  1. Server names: D00MLAND, D00MNAROK, D00MISLAND •NITRADO SERVER CLUSTER, Aberration 32 slot, The Island 20 slot and Ragnarok 32 slot. Island is mainly used for boss fights. Will increase slot size according to population. •24/7 PvP/Structure damage off Mon-Thurs •25x taming •4x experience •4x harvest •Baby maturity 20/ Egg hatch 50 •100% Imprint on one cuddle •Crop growth 10 •Wild dino cap 300 •Max player level 120, 150 if alpha bosses are beaten •Faster resource respawn •Longer days, normal nights •Food drain and water drain at 40% of normal •Boosted character and tame stats to adjust for higher dino difficulty. •No overly aggressive passive Dino killing, I know crap happens during a raid but keep it minimal. •Don't "Shock and Awe" raid the little guys. If you're far more advanced leave them be and let them build unless they do something that warrants action. •PvP is 24/7, structure damage is off during the week to prevent raiding until the Purge. Purge begins on Friday and ends on Sunday. During purge structures take damage normally and taming rates are doubled. Your friends are welcome to join but you are responsible for them knowing the rules and rates. •Not password protected, to join search for the server name with the filter set to unofficial pc sessions. Zeros in d00m •This is a unadministered server cluster. Only one person has the potential to be admin and I only use it to enforce the few rules there are or dino wipe. I do play on my on my servers that I pay for so if that bothers you please don't join.