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  1. Not only you, your fellow mod joeblow - but it's no big deal. I was just a little concerned you had 'new/secret' info is all I always expected the exact same version as I have on the Xbox, because after all that is pretty much what Play Anywhere is. I'm not quite clear yet as to what Jen meant where she mentions the 'second copy' - I mean I know you get a digital version for both platforms but whether you can use both at the same time? I imagine not, so in order to host a server I expect I'll still have to use my second Live account that hosted my Xbox server. That's not an issue at all though because I already have it plus a second copy of the game anyway. We'll find out soon enough!
  2. This seems to be your take on it. I on the other hand put it with the other available information (see my 2nd edit) from over a year of asking about Play Anywhere and conclude differently. As I said, there are 3 options and I sincerely hope (with all due respect!) that it is option 1 and you are just mistaken.
  3. OK, I'll go back through various news/crunches now and dig out the quotes - because either 1) you understand wrongly, 2) you have been told something that the rest of us haven't or 3) WC have completely led us up the garden path for over a year regarding Play Anywhere. It has been explicitly asked and confirmed multiple times that we could just replace hosting a player dedicated server on a second console with the Windows 10 version. Given you can already host a home server using a second console and I see absolutely no reason for the Windows 10 version to differ from this in any way. Edit: here's a good example of what I'm saying: I'm not sure how that can be read as anything other than what I've said previously in this thread, but if it is not the case then some official, final, categorical confirmation from Wild Card staff would be good. I know people (myself included) who have sold their second consoles in anticipation of this Play Anywhere release because it seems crystal clear from the above that we can use our Windows 10 PC's. Edit 2: and another recent example, from @Jatheish: Again - seems pretty clear to me.
  4. You're kidding, right? Because I'm sure that if you went back a page and saw Aednat's original question (the one that starts with "will" implying future) that I responded to (to which Joebl0w13 then responded to) and the following posts, and put it all into the context of the original post that we're responding to... Then I really doubt a mod would be as unhelpful as to not say "not right now, but in just under 3 weeks you can".
  5. Dude, are you still going to keep on with this without even addressing what I brought up earlier? What exactly are you defining as "unofficial" here? If Aednat means "can I use the Windows 10 Play Anywhere version of the game to host a server that Windows 10 and Xbox players can connect to" then as I stated - what @Jen, @Jatheish etc have posted numerous times already makes this as clear as day - the answer is yes. It'll be no different to having a 2nd Xbox and hosting a server on that.
  6. What is the difference in terminology here between 'unofficial server' and 'self host on a home PC'? It's confusing - surely both are unofficial? It absolutely, categorically was stated that you'll be able to "self host on a home PC" - albeit in slightly different terms to your sentence. With the Windows 10 version, you just host a server on that and other Windows 10 and Xbox clients can connect to it. This is the "cross play" element although as I stated earlier, it's only kind of cross play because it's really technically all on the same (Microsoft) network. A PC running the Windows 10 version is no different to having a second Xbox and hosting a server that way.
  7. Well, this is the result of a specific benefit that Microsoft has created - the Play Anywhere initiative - which publishers can choose to take advantage of. It basically means you buy the game on the Xbox or Windows 10 Store and you can play it on either operating environment. Essentially, it's the same game code as the Xbox is just a heavily customised Windows PC underneath it all so releasing the game on both platforms is easier. "Cross Play" isn't really true cross-platform play in this instance (like it would be between Xbox and PS4, or Xbox and Steam for example) because the games are essentially the same* - although there are of course differences in the Windows version because of the user's ability to be able to run additional programs which is impossible on the console, hence the anti-cheat stuff. What you're proposing may be possible if you want to run a Win 10 VM on your Linux box? No idea if VM's are good enough thesedays (in terms of graphical power etc) to handle it mind. I don't think you can just visit the Windows 10 Store from your Linux web browser, sign in with your Microsoft account and install ARK though - pretty sure it's all heavily tied into Windows 10. That's why you need to use the app from the Store to even order a Nitrado Xbox server. I have no idea how the official servers are run in terms of their server configuration (although you'd safely assume they're not the same as the Nitrado servers that we can rent ourselves!), but the option to run one simply isn't possible any other way for consoles.
  8. Er... what? Are we talking at cross-purposes here, or are you saying that when I get the Win 10 version on my PC and fire up a server, I cannot connect to it from my Xbox? Because if you are saying the latter, that is explicitly not what has been proposed numerous times by Jen (e.g. towards the end of this post) etc. You even quote it yourself! If you're talking about something else, then ... explain?
  9. You will be able to host an unofficial server on the PC using the Windows 10 Store version of the game. This does not involve Steam in any way. From the OP: This essentially says that you will be able to allow Windows 10 users (again, NOT Steam users!) and Xbox console users to play on your server if you so wish.
  10. The way you see it is simply one way of looking at it. The reason many people want servers is because we want to host our own, with friends. One of the (many) benefits of this is it'll be away from the trolls (and lag, tame caps etc) of official servers. Many of us aren't even playing the game now, we're just waiting for the servers to become available. Given that the Nitrado ones are delayed, I don't even want to think about what impact this will have on the Play Anywhere version
  11. You should be able to do the latter when the Play Anywhere version releases in the Win 10 Store. @Jat hasn't committed to a release date for that yet though, just said that they'd have more news when it's ready.
  12. Yes I know what you're asking. But because you can't move from old/new then you have to expect that the large majority of the new servers will be free to move among. As for smaller clusters, it has been sort of answered already by Jat - they aren't sure if there will be more 'small cluster' batches in the new server set as yet, they haven't decided completely how they'll be provisioned. This isn't the thread for server reports. Tried submitting an outage report?
  13. It's stated in several answers that there will be no ability to move between 'new' and 'legacy'. So that looks to be the only defining characteristic, otherwise the 'new' servers will just be the same in that you can transfer between them as you can now - you just cannot move to the legacy ones (or vice versa). Think of it as a separate network segment if you like, with a firewall rule between new and legacy preventing communication. Whether the new servers will also include Primitive+, PGM, Extinction, No-Tame and all the other varieties has not yet been answered. Although in the case of the Extinction/PGM servers I doubt there's a need for 'new' ones for those, given they reset every 30 days anyway.
  14. I really don't understand the negativity around this move, seems to be a lot of tinfoil hat nonsense in here. There had to be a fresh environment for the game's launch because it not only made sense (coming out of EA, implementing all the various code fixes for dupes etc), it would be fair to the people paying full price for the game! You can't expect someone coming home from the store with their $60 game to have to complete with an established alpha tribe who've got where they are by cheating and duping stuff. I mean, they still can take that route if they want by joining a server from the legacy pool, but that'd be reserved for the pure sadists, surely Once you accept that, there are surely only 2 options - wipe the servers completely, or do what they've done here. They're even going beyond what I'd have expected with regards to offering up the saved games from the servers that will get re-purposed in case people want to use them.
  15. It states in the article dude: where players will get to have a fresh experience on the ARK; across all four maps with no influence from any of the previous servers
  16. Been answered multiple times already, but no - "Windows 10 Store Version" is probably what it should be referred to, as it will be obtained through that with your Microsoft account which is, of course, the account you use on your Xbox which is how you're able to own both versions. You'll be able to play with other Windows 10 Store and Xbox gamers. Steam is an entirely separate delivery system and nothing to do with the Windows 10 Store, or Cross Play/Buy.
  17. I'm assuming this is sarcasm rather than just plain lies...?!
  18. He's clearly talking about the fact there is no Redwood biome yet on The Center, no Pelagornis on that map either and Titanosaur's are currently invisible. According to @Jeremy Stieglitz on twitter, yes!
  19. Thanks for answering a couple of my questions - pleased that we'll get a simple "eat all" button for XB1
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